Second trip to Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012 via The Public Transport

I went to BBW yesterday (Monday on 10th.. and I wrote this post on Monday night actually..oh well) and yes, I will go to the firesale again. Just look up on that post.

To those who was worried about the stock, they do restock some of the books after the first weekend of the sale but usually if it was the same book pile. So if you want to avoid the weekend rush hours, just come on the later sale period especially during the weekdays.

During the pre-sale, I didn’t get some of the books that my sisters and mom asked since I didn’t scour the tables fully especially the non-fiction areas. So I went back there to check up on the books that I might missed.

ScreenHunter_46 Dec. 10 22.08

I’ve never been to The Mines before so I didn’t realize the mall near KTM Serdang is actually the infamous ‘The Mines’.

So here’s the gist :

1. The Mines is within a walking distance from KTM Serdang. Personally, it doesn’t feel too far for me which made its unnecessary to pick the Cab/Bus route unless you have some difficulties walking through the flyover.

2. The Mines is across the road from KTM Serdang. The MIECC is connected to The Mines via a walkway. It is fussy to walk out

3. KTM’s time management and scheduling sometimes do suck….. but the new coach is comfy and roomy

4. This time, I love the Non-Fiction section more than the Fiction section. If you need a reason, just go there to pick up some cheap cookbooks.

It took me seven hours from home to MIECC and back. As the result, I end up finishing several books (APE : How to Publish a Book and Insurgent) while I was on this journey. Public commuting is an effective way for me to finish some books. You should try it.

Since I live in Kelana Jaya area, I took the T625 bus to Taman Bahagia LRT station.

IMG_0569As soon as I arrived at Taman Bahagia station, I purchased a RM2 trip to KL Sentral.

So, from Kelana Jaya line’s KL Sentral station, get a RM 1.70 ticket to Serdang and take the train heading to Sungai Gadut line. Just wait at Platform 6.

IMG_0571 IMG_0572 IMG_0576The train arrive a couple of minutes after 2.30pm but its quite okay. Not like you have to wait half an hour after already waiting half an hour before the ETA.  I’ve suffered through all that when I had to go to Bangi back to back. Seriously, it is annoying.

The journey from KL Sentral to Serdang is brief. When you’re there, go straight to the flyover until you reach across the road. The Mines is like two blocks away from where you are.

You can choose two routes, either walking through some buildings to the shopping mall or catch the scenic route via the water cab.

The scenic route only require you to wait half an hour for the water cab. It was just RM2 per one-way trip. If you’re not used to being on water transport, you might suffer some amount of motion sickness.

If you want to save RM2 by walking walk, as soon as you leave the bridge, go to the road heading toward the white apartment building. Enter at the side building through the atrium…



…until you reach these tunnels.


as soon as you went through them, you’ll arrive at The Mines 🙂


This path is just straight forward. You can choose to forgo the walkway but it is a hassle to walk out of the mall and around it to reach MIECC as you’ll have to walk the open roads.

The walkway towards the MIECC is at the 4th floor of the mall. Just go through these phone stuff walkway…



Walk straight through the central court and then walk forward until you saw the other escalator at the end. But you’ll see an archway where you’ll find the sign to MIECC.




And then you will find yourself on the second floor of MIECC. Take the stair down and you’ll reach the first floor of MIECC and here we are… yay…..


Again.. the map. It helps when its crowded and if you want to avoid some areas.

IMG_0587 IMG_0588

The hall’s playground rate


The upper floor map


There’s an overnight storage at customer service where you can store books overnight. But if you didn’t claim those books, they will pile up like this. These book are cheap, doesn’t mean they’re trash, n00bs.

And this is the fifth day… and the crowd… is….Uhhhh what crowd? You can dance through them and sing “Singing in the Rain”.

IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0593IMG_0596

Honestly, after the pre-sale I didn’t really see why the need to brave the weekend crowd. I’m claustrophobic, I hate crowds. I did find good books around the fiction areas but that was because I read most of them. I found the non-fiction and cooking section have a much better bargain than normal BookXcess pricing rate.

IMG_0597 IMG_0598

I really want this book for research…. but its called lust…. and the thing is HUGE… lol


If you are a first year medical or biomedical student who have to draw anything by hand for lab reports, just pick up this copy. You’ll thank me.


Impressive….For the fans. I want NIN.


I read this book last year, and its short but you could see that the movie did dramatize the story. Figures


My second sister wanted this…. and I was like… hello… this book is the size of average medical textbooks. I was on limited budget anyway so I just told her I’m not picking it up. I can imagine trying to lug this book around in a plastic bag…. just… nope…


I really want this book…. sigh…

I adore this series. Its a young Nick Gautier series from the DarkHunters series. Its set in an alternate world than the series but if you haven’t read the DH series, you wouldnt be too lost in this series. But you’ll miss important characters and stuff. (though its a YA book, the main series is paranormal romance, dont say I didnt warn you)
IMG_0611I really want to get this book.. hmm.. but I have too many dystopian to read anyway…

And this….. I’ve been searching this book for years… Arghhhhhh… But its a trilogy that was out of print. Sigh…. I’ll just try to get the omnibus version…
I love this series and if you ever found this book, read it. I know some people got pissed off by something but I still heart Beck and its all worth it.
Update : I love this series. It’s a proper fantasy series by the way despite the stereotypic fantasy romance cover. It was dead bloody and depressing.

Pretty tempting for Doctor Who fans… or John Barrowman’s fan.

For those wanting to get married and wanting some ideas…

And the god awful books that I never will NEVER recommend you to get even at dirt cheap price.

I’ll give you my copy if you wanna trade. I just hate ‘edward cullen’ess in this book

IMG_0613I put it here to tell you to not get this book. If you don’t like Twilight, then avoid Cynthia Leitich Smith at all cost…

I have a confession. I have read Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons and I like the movies due to Tom Hanks, Ian McKellan and Ewan McGregor but I hate reading this book. This book is just vile even if it is the version with visual aids. Sort of Da Vinci Code plus Angels and Demons except demonizing Free Masons. *yawn*

If you don’t want to be traumatize by bad antagonist and bad copy of Indiana Jones…. Avoid this book.

I look at this and wondered why she destroyed her face with plastic surgeries

Pains me to see the price since I bought the book at quite a normal price. I like the first book and read it through the third book but I can’t stand reading the fourth book. I do feel the series go poorly after the first book.

I read The House of Night in early days of university. I love it and then I grew to hate it. The publisher is just sucking the book and the writers doesn’t know how to end the book. Its still on-going series even after the ninth book without any resolution to ANY of the plots.

But I could say Dragon’s Oath is what nearly saved the series.

Its the HoN’s side-story of two of the professors in House of Night, Dragon and Anastasia. What it suppose to do was adding a reasonable motive for Dragon in the eight book.(since in the book series, Anastasia was killed by the raven-mocker Rephaim and after a few books, Rephaim was  redeemed himself and was forgiven by Nyx but Dragon didn’t accept it and then goes into the dark side in book 7 and 8)

But when I found out that the series is NOT EVER GOING TO END and Chloe is still stuck in her heptagonal love after all these years, I was really furious.

I did like reading the Dragon and Anastasia story but since I know what happen to them and what happen in the eight book.. I just flip up.

But that’s another story.


And while browsing I saw this cute thing…

IMG_0622 IMG_0623 IMG_0624

And this time I went to the Precious site and I do notice the size had somewhat diminished from the presale

IMG_0625 IMG_0626Some of the stuff doesn’t attract me to anything but I really want this Star Trek book with these cute quiz thing

And I found this cute BBW tshirt which I would be tempted to buy had the BBW people advertise them at the spot during pre-sale instead of putting the mannequins at the entrance. Sigh

IMG_0627 IMG_0628 IMG_0629

There’s people selling badge pins at the end of the exit. You should look that up. I found some interesting stuff but I lost too many pins before so I just skip the section. Besides, I rather buy a RM10 book than a RM10 small pins. pfft

And the haul..

IMG_0630 IMG_0631 IMG_0632


And we just create a mountain of cookbooks… thank you… thank you


I really like this book. Its like art and manga and short story combined. Too pretty to let go. And I saw stacks of it on the table.

ScreenHunter_46 Dec. 12 21.03
Two books that I get for my younger sister..

and my mom’s


and the total is…

IMG_0639For mostly all hardcovers….. that is actually not bad.

I actually want to turn back and get another book but then I saw the lines behind me and I just.. left.. hmm

I’ll wait for the firesale. I know they say they don’t do aftermath sale this year but firesale is every year in BBW. So even if they don’t have aftermath sale.. just wait for the end of the sale period. I might be at MIECC again on the last day though.


8 thoughts on “Second trip to Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012 via The Public Transport

    1. Thanks for the detailed guide Syahira! I’m coming to BBW tomorrow and have been searching a guide on how to get to MIECC. It’s really helpful. Thanks again! 🙂

  1. Dear Shahira, Thank you for the info, on how to get to MINES – Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC, The Mines)
    Level 1, MIECC, Jalan Dulang, The Mines Resort City, 43300 Seri Kembangan,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
    by using Public Transportation.
    I need to attend on 23 May 2014-
    Allah bless you on the info. The picture is really helpfull.

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