Mass Effect: Homeworlds by Mac Walters, Jeremy Barlow, Patrick Weekes

15894060Mass Effect Homeworlds was the fourth volume of the Mass Effect comic series. I haven’t read the first three yet but you can read it out of sequence provided you’ve played the game (which is the only reason why I bought this). This volume provide some of the back story along the lines of the characters in the game trilogy.

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The first chapter properly introduce the new ME3 character James Vega in Mass Effect universe. In narrative, the chapter started in ME3 when Normandy dry-docked in Citadel after Mars mission and Vega reminisced his past and the trouble with his family. Vega was first introduced as Shepard’s escort to a defense committee hearing and they’re already acquainted at that point as Shepard was incarcerated for six month on Earth (mostly because of her involvement with the destruction of Alpha relay where the supernova killed a whole Batarian colony to delay the return of the reaper). This time, we get more out of Vega’s ME3 story as he never was comfortable about telling his personal side to his commanding officer.

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The second chapter was a full back story of Tali in Mass Effect 1 where she found the audio logs from a geth that reveal Saren’s treachery and as an evidence for Shepard to pursue the rogue Spectre. This time it tell another story about Tali’s psyche, her inner struggle and her primary angst about her people and mostly, the lost of her friends. It does serve as a bridge between the game series and the character’s even more tragic back story.

ScreenHunter_331 Dec. 15 11.49

And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a Vakarian cameo. This chapter was set in Mass Effect 2 before Shepard came to rescue him from being massacred by a united force of mercenaries. Even to Shepard, he hardly reveal his family story until around Mass Effect 3 where the reapers invaded Palaven and his family was trapped and feared dead. The comic centered around his relationship with his father and more back story of his time being the Archangel after Shepard’s death. In the ME universe, everyone have daddy issues. But it was in the first Mass Effect that Garrus had revealed his conflicted relationship with his father that bleed to his decision to leave C-Sec and join Shepard with her mission against Saren and Sovereign. It was until this chapter that the complicated relationship between father and son was more fully actualized. If you’re a Vakarian lover, this chapter will give all those warm feelings.

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The final chapter of the volume was set between Shepard’s six month detention and before the event in the first act of Mass Effect 3 where Liara was focused on finding information against the Reapers with her role Shadow Broker but it ultimately lead her to an altercation with the Illusive Man. The chapter provided more depth to the event that lead to a reunion in Mars’ Archives.

In a way, if you love Mass Effect universe, be sure to get these volumes. Was there a Kaidan’s comic? Hmm.. because I need more reason to express my love for these OTP. Another trip to Big Bad Wolf Sale?

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