Book Haul + The Big Bad Wolf Books Aftermath Sale 2013 @ MIECC

If you want to know how to go to MIECC via Public Transport, I made a post about it when I went there the second time.

Things I Learn Today: I have some problem going to MIECC in the morning before The Mines open. Had to go through various locked doors and walk around 20 minutes in the mall trying to find the way out to the MIECC side. If you’re coming in the early hours from KTM before 10am, dont enter the mall, walk at the side of the mall.


If you know me that well, Big Bad Wolf sale is one of those annual thing that I went every year. Since last year, they are starting to do a longer firesale which they renamed as aftermath sale where almost all books are marked down even further.

This time, they’re doing it in MIECC than the usual South City Plaza mall. Because its relatively smaller sale, they didn’t publicize it much. (NOTE: I’m using a problematic camera so there are bound to have things blurry and such.. you’re not myopic)Image

The current sale is a lot smaller and they’re using a smaller exhibition space than the ordinary period where they rent the whole exhibition space. One of the thing I notice the most, was their downsized stock. Seriously, the previous aftermath have more books even during its last day. I guess the 24 hours weekends has work its magic.


Everything that was over RM 5 (USD$1.62) was marked down. If you’re a fiction reader like me, most books here including the paperbacks and hardcovers are RM 5 while most bigger sized non-fiction have relatively similar price as before. They didn’t even relabel the price tag like they did with the previous aftermath, so in a sense, you have to calculate yourself so that you wont miss your budget.

I brought around RM90+ since I know from the previous years, I always end up spending less than I would. I still end up with a dozen books or so anyway. So, even if you’re relatively broke, you still get a good pile out of these.

From my observation there, a lot of books are seriously mixed up. They just stack them and didn’t even bother rearranging them, so if you scan several section, you’re more likely to encounter same kind of books.

That is why its pointless to make a list because you wont get it here. Its’ finder’s keeper If you really need specific books, just go to bookstore and find it like any bookworms do. Do not rage at the sale’s staff if you didn’t get what you want.

There are also a bunch of hardcovers with missing book jacket. You’ll need to be more attentive at sometime since you can miss some good find. There are some torn jacket this time but since its the first day, you dont see total book devastation in the last days of these firesale.

Luckily, if you’re seeking a lot of non-fictions, there are more various titles now than the usual same titles in one table. I find nice thing in the reference site, some chemistry book especially the reagent book, chromatography book and some. Curious thing is.. you can totally resell these since its Grad-level books.

Occasionally there are a bunch of stacks with the same title, but its getting fewer now unlike the last year’s sale where they stack a table full of the same titles which limited the option (and you really need a tonne of revisits).

I only scour through Fantasy & SciFi section and Literature section which I got a lot of good finds especially from my regular authors like Keri Arthur and Patricia Briggs. Children Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance are all mixed up in Fantasy section which made seeking some stuff can be fruitful.

I saw a neat pile of Phillip K Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” which I read and reviewed it last year before I start this blog. If you want to know who began the whole android have human emotion things and the philosophy of what defines human being, you better get it.

I couldn’t quite say the same good thing about YA section, besides seeing sixth Vampire Academy book (Last Sacrifice), I dont see anything worth browsing in the bunch. There are some Alanna though which I might review it later (completed the series earlier this year) but there’s a bunch of boring stuff as well. The general fiction section have more variety and I do get some stuff there (greatest find –> Illiad *see below*) but most titles is making me sleep (especially with Nora Roberts and some random romance mixed in the bunch). The romance section is pretty meh too, like my first impression with BBW’s last year, and is my least favorite section despite seeing Teresa Medeiros there. But a lot of those that I found and like was also the ones that I have read. Pity really.

Curiously, there are barely any Malay book there, or I didn’t go through all the tables. I did get one Fixi book *see below* but only because I find it where the book isn’t supposed to be there. (Last year, I got Kougar.. my mistake really)

I wanted to get puzzle books earlier but it share the same space with Sports section and the section was seriously depleted. I want cryptography books and I only saw one among the Sudoku books which is quite uninteresting. FYI, I am very good with Sudoku (its good logic exercise) but it can get boring after a while and I hate writing inside  books so I left the section without grabbing anything.

There are a bunch of coffee table books and the cookery section is at the far side of the room which not much varied in terms of price-range (most are still RM20-RM30.

The manga/graphic novel section is pretty good too (saw one dragon book) but I don’t buy mangas anymore as I prefer getting the original Japanese-language manga.

As for children’s book… considering I spend nearly RM300 on kid’s book on the last’s BBW, I don’t think its wise to grab some. Plus, some are quite pricey too.

Overall, I like the Fantasy and SciFi section most than the rest of the books in store. Luckily, I got more good find now (notice how I don’t buy any YA books.. lols)

And the book haul which some of you folks requested… bah…


If you love the renewed series Battlestar Galactica, I recommend getting the novelization. I reviewed it here if you want to read me fangirling a couple of paragraphs and more.


I’m not sure about this book now that I check it via Goodreads since it’s not like The Plan, but more non-canon version of the series. I’ll try to be optimistic though.


The Shamer’s Chronicle is about a girl who have the ability to make anyone confess their desires or sins (or something they’re ashamed of). This is the second book of the series from my favourite Danish author Lene Kaaberbøl. She wrote other fantasy series as well and most recently, Tor republish her crime novel, The Boy in the Suitcase, which I adore. I have read the third book but haven’t read the first yet. The book series is available at Kinokuniya at miserably high price.


I found this in Children’s section (?!) but I just get it in my pile since I had thought of getting it once. BTW, I found out from Johnny that Fixi don’t supply more of their books in aftermath sale so what I get was the left over from the main sale.


While in a lecture with Dr Rohi, he talks about HeLa cells and discuss about her life story. I think I spoil myself already but this is a good cautionary tale inside the cooperate science life. I did have an interesting talk with a Goodreader and I just found out that its a required read for English literature class. More interesting than my SPM years.


For my degree, I do learn a lot of statistics and its uses in research. Along the while, I realize that a lot of today’s use of statistics can be used unethically and sometimes at the expanse for profit and lies. The book does discuss some interesting stuff about theoretical math and statistical science. There’s a chapter on erectile dysfunction too.


Been eyeing this book in Kinokuniya YA section but its too costly. Luckily, adding this into my steampunk collection.


Another surprising find from General Fiction section, especially by local infamous author, Tan Twan Eng. I just found out that his other book which was shortlisted for the Booker’s award is available in Popular bookstore at 15% off member’s price (part of their promotion to promote local author).


I do love Keri Arthur (another author I read and love from Big Bad Wolf Sale) but haven’t read this series yet. I would recommend her werewolf UF series which I like it better than her vampire UF book.


Yes, this is the movie where Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Batman (Christian Bale) fought with magic tricks. Apparently it started out as a book.



I love Ursula Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness and Earthsea, and wished I read more of her Science Fiction works. Apparently, the wish is sort of come true. One of the greatest author in Sci-Fi genre.


It’s Patricia Briggs and have a cover where main female character have a sword with a black wolf next to her. Obviously.. duh


River Marked is the sixth novel of the Mercy Thompson’s series about a skinwalker who was embroiled in werewolves politics and have all kind of bad things coming for her. I have reviewed several of her books in this blog as well. If you are ever tired of Charlaine Harris crime fighting fairy waitress, do try this crime fighting shapeshifter mechanic for once.


Dear Big Bad Wolf Books, this is actually a classic far older than the English literature stuff you pile up in literature section. If you know me last year, I had joined Coursera’s Greek and Roman Mythology which I found myself enamored by all the things that they have and I had read the sequel of this, The Odyssey which I grown to respect and enjoyed it. I also found Greek classics are more understandable, direct and more eloquent than most English literature and literary fictions.

One of my delight with this book is a more modern translation to the Trojan war classic and rather comparable to Fagles at first glance. Since the only possible place to get a proper Fagles’s translation is in Kinokuniya where its around RM136.81 which is too much for me even for his two books (I can afford it but I rather use that moolah for other books and stuff). I encountered some reviews where people took Mitchell’s translation as too abridged for academical use but since the alternative for is Pope’s prose, this has proved to be a good investment at RM5.

and the pile up since you guys obviously love these…


sigh.. so much for not buying too many fiction… 😛

Final verdict: Admittedly, I got better stuff than the previous’ aftermath pile and most of these that I pick up are what I usually read so it depends on what you find in the sale. I probably will finish this pile more earlier than my BBW 2012 pile. Erk….

Again and again, if you didn’t get the books you want, its either someone got it first before you or it never existed in the first place. Go early and always be alert to whatever the news is from the BBW folks. I learn from the years previously, be the early birds and avoid the weekend.

And I still don’t have the 2013’s BBW preview sale pass.. so don’t ask me that.

and if you’re finished with haul.. come to this forum and ‘discuss’. Hehe


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