Pre-Sale of Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2013 and Another Guide to #BBWS2013 @bigbadwolfbooks and beyond


Okay, I didn’t start the morning well since I found out someone been filching the content in this blog for the special mention of this sale but I’m okay with that. But what I’m not fine was the use of my niece’s picture for your public “viral” article.

ScreenHunter_59 Dec. 05 08.07

Its a personal blog. Its a personal picture. Its a picture of a five year old child you don’t know at all. If you’ve been writing online this long, you should have known already that this is plain content exploitation. None of the pictures of my family or myself that I publish on this blog or somewhere else (facebook, twitter, instagram) should be used to dress up someone else’s article to gain views. My family pictures is NOT a stock picture. Its a privacy and content-use issue, at the very least, ask permission first before you exploit someone else’s kid. Get your own!

But what’s done is done… I just ask for the simplest thing. Cite it. That’s the simplest thing with content shares and thats a two-way go too. If you found something of yours (especially really personal pics) that you think I should cite or pull down, PM me directly.

tumblr_m48uuqjcsV1qgwyrko1_500 tumblr_m57tsgyjON1qfyjh0o1_500

Now that was settled, luckily, I use a poor tablet camera with even less resolution for this post (which will totally look bad for you). I’m too lazy to embed or watermark anything so that will do.

Alya was mad about us leaving her at home last year, (and still sensitive about it for a year), I promised her that I will bring her along this time. So we did!


Unlike last year, I didn’t have problems handling my nieces. Afia have been sweet last year but she was less “lasak” unlike now. She had her fair share of head bumping with people and trolleys. Maybe because of her BBW experience (cewah!) she’s much more comfortable with the environment plus she had her sister in tow. For all everyone’s concern, the day have been perfect for these two. They even eat out normally without any problem of one of them throwing tantrums (except we approach them carefully and wait for their responses for food preferences). That’s a big deal okay.


We’re just peachy. Poster girls of Big Bad Wolf  Sale.

IMG_20131205_123640I was trying to get them to pose at the pirate ship but the girls saw the life-sized pirate doll and freaked out. They watch too many Doctor Who to know what will happen. Heh.



Unfortunately, I’ve been hoping the BBW minions would dress up at pirates or wear sailor t-shirts or something.


Under the stress of “Ira, jangan berhenti tengah jalan!”, I’ve hardly capture anything about the atmosphere for the rest of the hours I’ve been there. Mostly because when you’re too busy browsing books, you’re too busy taking pictures. If you’re too busy taking pictures and not for the books, there’s something really wrong with why you’re there to begin with.




Hours later, we find a corner where we’re able rest our aching feet. Unfortunately, there’s no chair available for BBW patrons and I don’t see they’re going to remedy on that.


Tired faces of three bookaholics/shopaholics.


I know. You shouldn’t put books on the ground but there’s simply no choice but we make do.


Since last year, we spent a lot of time collecting books for Afia, she end up having even less amount of books this time around.  I mostly pick up books for my nephew and luckily Cars-themed books are aplenty. Since we’re trying to make my eldest niece read more, I try to persuade her to like some of the books I choose for her. But she aren’t interested at all with those all-words-less-picture books. I did get her a lot of books for her though although I covertly pick out picture board books I think she’s too old for but let her keep the kitten books (KITTENS!!!). My other sister kept complaining about it being too old for her but since we’re shopping for the kids and we do have younger toddlers so I relented. I end up going under budget (under RM200 too) and I still have a lot of change for more books, I probably will come again next week when they restock their table with more variation.


Even with less princess books unlike last year, she’s still a happy girl. (So I got her two more princess books because her small pile made me sad.. and because they had RM100 limit each and she’s way under budget)


Truthfully, I’m amazed that I only get one fiction unlike the pile of madness last year. YA section and Fantasy was sad. I want to get more Melina Marchetta or Lene Kaaberbol but there’s more stacks with the same books everywhere and frankly they bored me.

I saw some good books like The Hunger Games (probably be gone later today), Steig Larsson’s Millenium series (I want to get them since they had Noomi Rapace’s cover but I had to calm myself.. I’ve read them anyway), Demontraper series, Let The Right One In, Kafka but as a whole… I only think children books have more gem than the rest.

I’m probably going to wait until the last days of BBW and the first day of Aftermath Sale when there’s more variation. I manage to control the impulse buying since I know there are more stuff I want in Amcorp Mall that what I found in BBW.


I suck at art. But I love appreciating art.


My second best book of my choice. Book on candy making, lucky.


I did Fiction of Relationship earlier this year and tried to get Kafka from Kinokuniya but… I seem to remember looking at this and cry out “WHYYY???”

ScreenHunter_59 Dec. 06 10.57

Patience. My dear. Thats why you need to have patience.


If you’re a fantasy writer or an artist, you’ll love this.


Its difficult when you have to do it with the printed patterns and I left a swan origami at my sister’s living room.

The rest of the kid’s stash:

Oh yeah, on the matter of content plagiarism on all my 2012’s BBW posts. As much as I could raise hell about it, personally I’m more pissed if someone rip off my fiction writings or physically steal my work (somebody did that once during matriculation) than my non-fiction work or blog entry etc. Suit yourself but don’t call yourself a writer.


Big deal. I just make another one :

Another Guide to Big Bad Wolf Sale 2013


Fact : The first official day and the first weekends the hall will be CROWDED like mad. 

You can’t move around. Your own personal space will be reduced to an inch. If you’re self-proclaimed introvert, rest assured, there will be more bumps and rubbing shoulders here than you’ll get in one year. If you have kids, God save your kids. Leash them (hold their hands) or they’ll get lost. It happen even more these few years.

I know this because the crowd thing happen to me in 2009 at Amcorp Mall and 2010 at South City Plaza. I used to bring a lot of eco-bags to carry the books around but more often than not, the hardcovers tend to poke people and me. You’ll end up bruised by the end of the day or one shoulder bowed from the weight and hear and say the words “I’m sorry, so sorry” and “Oww” a lot.

I hate queuing in a long queue. That is why I like to avoid queues or go earlier where I’m nearer to the front than those behind me.

And I don’t care if its 24 hours since they’re still crowded around midnight last year. Look it up.

Solution : Pre-Sale day and the weekdays during the sale, the last day of BBW and even the Aftermath Sale.

I’ve been trying to win the Big Bad Wolf preview pass these few years and its definitely worth it especially if you’re bringing kids. This year, they provide more preview pass than the previous two years. But unlike last year, I haven’t heard anyone selling RM50-100 per preview pass. Share it with someone you know or your friend list but don’t sell something that should be won. (hmm.. that can sound a bit weird when you change the subject matter)

There’s no need to brave the thick crowd to get dibs. I totally need that in the earlier years of BBW but this time, the organizers are a lot smarter and they have different suppliers since 2011 so most of the time you’ll end up finding the same thing since MAEPS days. They even stack same books in every table. Chances are, you won’t get what you want unless you look hard. And its a lot harder to look through mountain of the same books stack in every table so wait a bit for the gems to come.

I applaud that they achieve the biggest book sale ever, but quantity can exceed quality.

Besides, Bookxcess genuinely have more nicer things and they’re the same company.

Which brought me to the point,

Randomness can be achieved a few days after the sale

Sure, piles and mountains of books on a table may look very satisfying. But a mountain of pile of the same books is still the same ONE book. That’s why I walk away nearly empty-handed, I can’t walk around the hall thrice just to get one errand book out of sameness.

So have patience.

How do I go to MIECC?

Last year I made a post on how to go there via KTM. Its a lot cheaper than taxis but if you have too much books with you, it can be a lot harder to climb the stairs across the platform. Keep in mind, they have closing and opening hours.

They have this My Taxi thing where you could redeem RM10 from them. I don’t use them and maybe someone else will.

As always in everywhere in PJ and KL, be alert to your surroundings. There’s always opportunist criminals out there and bad things can happen when you least expect it. If you walk by the side of the road, always look around and hold your belongings tightly to yourself. Always be alert to your environment especially if you’re alone or with friends and family. If you come during midnight, be alert to your surroundings especially if you’re alone in your car.

What about all other ‘meh’ books you ‘meh’ about? What should I do to them?

Do nothing. Seriously. Don’t pick up the books. Don’t play with the book. Keep away from them.

Even if its a bad book or books you don’t want, please respect ALL the books in the hall. It annoyed me whenever I see torn books and stomped books in these years since my first BBW sale and this year was my fifth year with BBW (and its not my fifth trip.. duh) and it happen ALL the time.

But they all look so new and so cheap and I really want to make them look cheap!!!! I CAN’T CONTROL MYSELF!!! I WANT IT ALL!!!

No. Take a deep breath. Get out before you perform more harm to the innocent books. And it sounded like an OCD, get someone else to help you with that. Same goes with kids. Watch them constantly.

Don’t be pathological with the books. I beg you.

For Your Chiropractic Issues : Get a Trolley or a Rolling Suitcase and Comfortable Shoes


My sister reminded me to bring them socks for the playground upstairs. My parents end up making them wear their school shoes. Probably the smartest thing they did. A big hall like MIECC isn’t a good place for heels. There’s also bumpy and uneven floor from power cords or some attachment which made it easy to trip or get your trolley stuck.

But as soon as I enter the hall, a lady holding a lot of books in her arms asked me where can she find a trolley. I sadly said to her that I got it from home. When Popular had its warehouse sale in Viva Mall, they provide you a plastic trolley basket and I love it. Then again, I got more good books there since while I was there, the book was rojak-ed together and they had lesser same books in pile. I wished BBW would invest in renting the trolley baskets but this time around, I see more people with luggages than the years previously.

A reader of my last year’s BBW post pointed at me against bringing a shopping trolley in the sale but there’s hardly anyone bringing a shopping trolley this time. I think the BBW minions ban them from entering. But if you have the need for a larger trolley for your stash, invest in this kind of trolley.

A small one is enough since a bigger one will only hinder your movement. I move my things from Plaza Rah with this thing so it was more than enough equipped to handle several big boxes of books. Same goes with big suitcase. Don’t use the one same size you could stuff a person in. More often than not, you’ll get stuck between people instead of weaving through easily.

Can’t find anyone keeping your mountain of books safe? Storage? No problem.

Useful for those who didn’t have their own trolley or someone to watch over your books and those didn’t want to lug around their stash everywhere while browsing. You can’t take your books upstairs. Besides, the escalator was broken.

KIDS!! What to do with these kids?

If you can, always bring more adults than the amount of your kids. Always be aware of the surroundings. Instead of making little kids sit in a corner (seriously, since when “sit there/duduk diam” ever work for kids?), go here. The RM10 per hour playground. Use them. They get tired and less likely to run off when you’re not looking. Even better, keep them at home.

Its easier for kids the get lost in the crowd especially in the midst of a busy crowds. Be attentive and considerate to your child’s need. And feed them first before you go in.

Foods and Drinks!

Yes, MIECC hall have their stash of vendors but if you can, feed yourself and your companions first before you get in. Browsing in BBW is a form of exercise and you can burn calories walking around and around. There’s no first aid on stand by so you’re on your own if you faint in the middle of the ground in a crowd.

Besides, there’s The Mines next to the hall. It’s not in the middle of nowhere like the 2011’s MAEPS (yes, I’m still sensitive about it). 

Take a break in the furthest corner and away from crowds.

Don’t park yourself in areas where there’s too much people like the children’s section and I don’t guarantee you’ll escape without a bruise or two when trolleys and people stepping around you.

If you have books that you took but didn’t want to buy. Put them at the right place where you found them.

I’ll try to commit to this but when everything fails, put it back to the section it belong. Don’t throw it on the stack or someone will lempang you.

And ALWAYS pick up stray books on the floor, no matter whether its yours or someone else’s. Anyone who step on a book and injure it will receive the wrath of the wisdom goddess. I heard she’s a god of war too.

Arrange your books according to the price before you go to the cashier

Especially in a crowded lane and to ease the counting. I didn’t do it yesterday but I saw the BBW posters so please do as they ask.

And I’ve heard enough stories about the minions miscounting the books and overcharged you so before you go, count them and memorize the amount of books they counted and the amount they charge you.

Cash or use OCBC Card

It’s an obvious thing. Avoid the credit card line as much as possible. If you’re overbudget, look again at your stash and determine which you can live without. Because if you’re willing to wait half an hour or more for the line to move, you’re certainly made of sturdy material than me.

But if you have OCBC card, there’s 10% off from your purchase. Technically you can get one book free if your purchase was over Rm200.

If you spend more than RM50, you’ll get a membership to BookXcess. They’re printed on your receipt at the bottom. You won’t miss it.

If you spend more than RM300 per receipt, you’ll get a Bookxcess RM10 voucher. You have to queue at the customer service outside the hall for it. Which can be good since I bought Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale for RM 7.90 last year and you don’t get that in BBW.

Don’t Forget the Bookmarks!


Remember to ask for more but I don’t collect them (my nephew ate them once). Bookmarks and me simply don’t mesh together.

Donate Your BBW Books to Red Readerhood and/or Donate Your Own Books to your Friends or Libraries

Ease up the shelving space and give more people a material to read.

Didn’t Find Books You Really Want? Fine.

If its an urgent short term need, there’s always bookstores available to you or amazon. Don’t whine everywhere that you don’t find books you like or turn your nose at the books they offer. I didn’t find most books I like but I’ll be coming back for more. Don’t give up. Chances are, they’re snatched before you could grab them.

Good books can be cheap. All of these warehouse book sales told you enough that premium book market price can be an illusion after a few years. (Normally they don’t even sell these books, they destroy these books)

Enjoy your time but always always treat the books with the utmost respect you can give. Then again, do this at every sale you went. I see enough bad consumer behaviors at warehouse sale to last a lifetime.

And finally, I hope I’m not the only one who see Big Bad Wolf as the Bad Wolf?

As in….

Karma for you if you get it.

Oh and always always remember those you left at home


20131206_094843 20131206_094850 20131206_094956

6 thoughts on “Pre-Sale of Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2013 and Another Guide to #BBWS2013 @bigbadwolfbooks and beyond

  1. Great selection and advise. Though I do wish people didn’t bring the BIGGEST luggage bag they owned there. It is so humongously big and block people way! Heh. Maybe I am just a cantankerous old woman.

    Ooohh.. I envy that you found Let The Right One In. Must have missed out on those. Ah well.. another year for me then.

    And there were people who actually sold the preview pass? Sheeshhh. I think shame also for those who buy those pass from these people. Why encourage this kind of behavior.

  2. hi sorry to interrupt, may i know what is the preview pass for? i am a johorian and your reply would be of big help to me… thank you!

    1. its for the december BBW sale. Before the official sale date, they will have a preview sale where you need these passes to enter. less crowd

  3. i see…am troubled by this for a few days coz they will be holding a book sale in jb by the end of May, and i’ve never been to theirs (always wanting to go but was never given a chance!! ) 😦
    A heartfelt thank you for your response on my problem and it’s solved! ^_^

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