Big Bad Wolf Fire Sale 2015: 2 – 9 February @MIECC



For some reason, my blog traffic ballooned during BBW season every year…. and I’ve been talking about it since my second year university. days…  oh well.

Firefly inside the Komuter and me going to a Firesale


Yes, I was there yesterday. Apparently, everyone like my old blog post on how to get to MIECC on foot… and one person actually followed me there. Except its morning, and the door to the center was locked.

And I’m not amused….

Its the normal Big Bad Wolf sale…. -____-

Which means, stacks of same books in one table.

I rant a lot about this yesterday and I know you read my blog, Big Bad Wolf people but have you seen bookstores that put out ALL their stock on one table? As in 100 copies of the same book in one table? I know the venue got bigger since 2012 but seriously? If you have people manning the table, you don’t need to stick mountains of same books in a limited space…. and don’t stuck all single random copies books under the table.

I guess, I’m still pissed that I didn’t get a single scifi book… or Mass Effect books.. sigh

Multiple copies of Halo, Star Trek and Star Wars doesn’t make them the representative of Scifi genre. At least I hardly see Tolkien books hoarding the tables this time..

And I guess its an improvement to see there’s extra side table for literature and SFF section but… I’m amazed that the Romance section dominated the Fiction section…. I saw some paranormal romance in that area too but most of them was chic lits and contemporaries… must be overprinted stuff.

I miss out on last year’s aftermath/fire sale because Suria was in town but I went to the later Box Sale and the fantasy/scifi section was a treasure trove. But on 2013, I got nice random stuff during the Firesale. It was a joy to scan each titles to find them.

Sigh… I guess I have to make do with mostly fantasy books. At least they’re cheap and I get nice lunch afterwards because I don’t splurge too much.


And I think I’ve contributed to mainstreaming of this sale…… this is the first time I saw a huge morning crowd during a firesale and I’ve been to a almost every BBW’s firesale… Holiday huh?


p/s: My sister got a Preview pass for this December’s Big Bad Wolf Sale… heh, now to get another one for the driver.

p/p/s: book blog are getting abandoned… lmao.


6 thoughts on “Big Bad Wolf Fire Sale 2015: 2 – 9 February @MIECC

  1. Hi Syahira!

    I landed on your blog because I was searching for reviews about the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. I live in the Philippines and it will be our first time to experience this event. I noticed though, most of the selections are on children’s books to fiction, particularly the young adult reads. My intention is score discounted coffee table books in the field of arts, photography, fashion, style and lifestyle in general. Having such intention, would you recommend the book fair for me? Do you think I will be able to score some rare yet discounted coffee table books?

    Thank you in advance and wishing you a great week ahead!

    1. Oh yes. Its a must-go annual book fair for any bookworms in this region. But recently, Ringgit value dropped and some books can feel pricey but its always around 50% mark off from retail price. The Non-Fiction section are always wonderful with a lot of variety and there’s always a lot of interesting coffee table books. You won’t be disappointed.

      1. Hi Syahira! I followed your advice, I went to the sale a few days ago. While I didn’t find some titles in my wish list, I found other interesting books. Thank you so much.

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