Copyrights, Disclaimer and Technicalities

1. On Screencapped Blurbs

I never own any part of the screencapped Goodreads blurb that the publisher supplied which I put on the site. I prefer it since I don’t want to copy paste the blurb and I can never have the time or energy to photoshop the capped section of the site into this blog and all of the text and by words is by right to Goodreads and the publisher. I do it since its for my blog reader’s convinience and because this blog is an extension to my Goodreads account where I usually rely on Goodreads’ shelves to organize my ratings and reviews.

2. Animated Gifs and Pictures

I never own any sort of the animated Gifs as portrayed in this site and all of it is from the internet. If the creator of the said gifs wanted me to endorse their specific section of the site of which the gifs derived, please understand that the creator of the gifs doesn’t hold exclusive copyright to the content unless they created the exact content themselves. If any studio that held the right for the gifs and asked to be taken down, I will do gladly and I maintain the portrayed scenes is used for non-profit reasons only.

If there’s specific content that anyone wished to take credit to by their own right (images, fanarts, book covers, promotions), I will oblige as long as you supplied the link to your website that proved its your own and would be willing to accept direct links to the site as a compromise.

For my own and personal pictures in this site, for now, I am not considering to put watermarks to images that was my own. If necessary, I am willing to ask for a compromise or request for deletion if I found my image contents was used in a discriminating way or when its used uncredited.

3. Written Content

All written words in this blog is created by me and myself only unless specified that I’m not writing it. Plagiarism is an unhealthy habit that I wouldn’t recommend in any area including unprofessional book reviewing. For convinience purposes, being bilingual as I am, I’m not a grammatical madam as I should be as a writer. But it would be funny if anyone considered pliagiarised me as I would certainly detect my own style of writing and of course, my Malaysian’s grammatical idiosyncrasies will make plagiarism absolute idiotic in any sense.

So don’t. Do take this under advisement. I’m not a good writer but atleast you shouldn’t be one by copying me.

4. Book Reviews

All the books that I reviewed is in under no circumstance a paid review. None. I never received any monetary compensations for the book reviews nor being paid to do a hidden advertisement from the publishers unless I said it as it is. As for now, all the books that are not ARCs are my own and my own only unless I said its my sister’s or friends or I got it from a giveaway (yay!) or something.

All the Advance Review Copies (ARCs) that I received are in under no circumstance required me to do a rave stellar review. I do include the publication date and the publisher of the book in the review as a disclaimer.

I will tell it as it is if I had a relative or close friend who are willing to give additional thought from reading the ARCs given by me.

I never had any profit gain from my ARCs nor I had any contacts with any local booksellers about the publicity of the book except what I given from the site.

All the written words are derived from the time spent reading of the content in any format. I supplied my time and, for most of the books, money in supporting my own love for reading and thus my opinion on the book is my own.

I never target any author personally in deragotary ways nor I had any interest for it except to comment and review on their works. I never willingly defame anyone (reviewers, readers, publisher and authors) in the book community and I never use any knowledge I had from the author on the books unless its detailed so.

5. Banned Books

I never advocate the necessities of banning books because I do think the idea of it is very similar to restricting the access of knowledge to the people which are practiced by every failed government and tyranies since the history of time. I do compare such acts is similar to burning books by the Muslims on Alexandria’s library in in 642 AD and to the Nazi book burning.

Its a human right and a choice if a person wished to literate and read the book or to gain opinion of life from the book.

On the recent light of the laws in Malaysia about book banning and restriction, I am not under circumstance will reveal all of my book collection in any authorities that assumed I have the required banned reading. In fact, I don’t think I have them anyway. But let just say, if someone suspected that I have read those such things (which is possibly books that received its glorified publicity in short term) and send hounds after me, I will do as all my might ensure that your life will be hell.

But as for now, I read fiction and only several Malaysian books and almost seldomly non-fiction. So the laws never did affected me but the existence of it does disturbed me and I do wished for it to abolished as to all the censorship in this country. History will be repeated even if you try to be in denial of it.


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