Part of the First Chapter of August WIP

A disclaimer : Here is a partial of the first chapter of my current WIP (in which I haven’t had the slightest idea what to name it yet) and it utilize both first POV and third POV. This is the fourth incarnation or something and I kept rewriting it over and over again. It was just a peek of the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Okay, I’m kidding. I’m out of romantic bone to write PNR so this WIP stay Urban Fantasy until I got sick of it.

Just a gist about the story. Set in an alternate version of Kuala Lumpur where most of the city area are governed by multiple supernatural demesne and it was oh so feudalistic. We have our main characters, a human woman stuck in world where statistically everything bad will happen to you if you stay as human and a male half-fae with awesome fire-bending skills who was unfortunately being dragged back into this realm and wanted nothing to do with it anymore. Death and destruction and all sort of fuckery entails.

And I had all my worldbuildings and characters and plot and this partial is just tiny tiny fraction of the bigger world I’ve started. If you want more, well, I have a habit to ferment my WIPs so I’m not guaranteeing I will push it to publication….

and grammars… urghhh, I know. But I can’t write with my inner editor on and I know about passive vs active paragraphs stuff but can I hit 100k first before we start on that? thanks.

Feel free to comment about it but understand that its just a hook of a partial chapter, not a complete reflection of the story as a whole. I still have shapeshifters, angry gods and goddess and vampire king and cannibal monsters and child-eating crazy witches waiting to be read rather than being fermented for years inside my dropbox along with most of my unpublished novels and short stories. I need a nudge. Sigh.. okay, I’ll stop whining. Ta-da.



I think I found hell.

I remember being torn apart and reassembled unevenly. Everything felt wrong including the air I was breathing in. The ground was hard and glasses scattered around me. Some stuck inside soft flesh like a splinter. Except it was me.

Only few feet from me, a man was lying on the road and was out cold. Shattered glasses and bits of metal surrounded him like a halo. I could see the rise and fall of his chest. Memories returned in flashes. An escalator. His back. Car accelerating. My consciences berating my own stupidity. Although some might call it being brave.

I pushed myself up, against my better judgment, and look around the scene of the accident. We were lying in an aftermath of a car accident but there was no car except the pieces from. A broken headlight, shards from the bumper, license plate and more tempered glass scattering across the road. All this damage but there was no car.

Despite the bruising and the wounds from lying on top of sharp things, I was relatively unscathed.

What had happened?

The entire stretch of Jalan Ampang was eerily quite and covered with a layer of fog. The sky was dark and the air was cold like the aftermath of a heavy rain. The absence of people and traffic was alarming. I knelt beside the fallen man and shook him gently.

“Hey, wake up.” Maybe that was not a good idea when someone was lying unconscious. Who knows, maybe he got a concussion or internal bleeding and the world around me was too weird for my liking. It should have been packed with commuters as it was the peak hours. Where is everyone?

It hurt to touch him, I lifted my hand and winced at the shards embedded in my palm. I tried pick them out with my nails but all I did was making the pain worst. This is the moment I wished I hadn’t flunk my first aid classes during high school.

Something moved from my peripheral vision. I looked and found a young child watching me with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. I tiled my head and he copied me. Scary.

“Assalamualaikum, adik. We need help. Where are your parents?”

But the child kept standing there like a doll. I began to shook the unconscious man without taking my eyes of the boy. Even in bad lighting, the child had a pallor under his tanned skin. His glassy eyes was wide and unblinking while mine was burning to look away. Somehow the boy was moving without a gait, it was waddling stiffly but it was covering the distance that I could smell him coming. He rank like a rotten meat left for days inside a broken refrigerator. Nothing about this boy was normal. The sound of ticking began to grew as it neared. I found my bag and unearth a weapon from its compartment and I held it up to the boy’s chest. My palm was hurting but I didn’t flinch.

“Stop right there or I will shoot!” The boy didn’t and I did. Wires flew and I brace as as the taser rattled as it shot thousands of volt into the child. Or a thing that looked like a child. Its gaping mouth grew wider into a dark hole surrounded by razor teeth stained in rust. Dimly I realized I was screaming when the child mutated into a monstrous nightmare.

I was about to die and the world erupted in flame. A storm of fire rained upon the monster and enveloped it until a pillar of inferno. The superheated air and fire engulfed the monstrosity and it shrilled and screamed until all that was left was emptiness and ashes.

My lungs burned until I remembered the act of breathing. I felt a weight against my back and someone breathing on my neck.

“I am sorry for that,” he gasped as if he was running rather than a dead weight just a moment ago. His weight lifted and I faced him. I know I was staring but I couldn’t help it. His iris was tinge in the color of flame and it coalesce with the dark iris. I backed away.

“You did that just now? The fire.”

“Yes, I did.”

“Am I insane?” Is this the part where I scream

“If only that wasn’t a requirement in this world.” He scoffed and brushed the glasses off his jeans. “That wouldn’t work here.”

I looked down to the discharged taser and let it fell on the ground. “You said that you’re sorry. What are you apologizing for?”

The man stood up and held a hand out to me. I let him pull me up and he frowned at my injured palm.

“You saved my life. You really shouldn’t do that because now we’re stuck here.”

“What made you think I was the one at fault in this? Wait, where exactly is here?”

He paused as if looking for a word or a deflection for the answer but he gave a shrug instead.


Whether this is a prank or a dream, I wanted the world to make sense and nothing prepared me for the truth I saw in his eyes. I did the sanest thing I could possibly imagine.

I laughed.


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