Camp NaNoWriMo, Short Story Saturdays and UnRepresented KL

I neglected this blog again. But if you want to catch up on my readings, just follow me on Goodreads because I’m not in the mood of copy pasting my June reviews here (surprisingly, my review enthusiasm began to deplete as Ramadhan approaches). But being the last post of June 2014, I guess I have to update certain things here before the first of July comes.

Today (or before Iftar) I wrote the second draft of my previous short story and this proved that I could survive writing fiction during Ramadhan.

ScreenHunter_72 Jun. 30 21.04
I don’t know why I kept writing about UF version of Kampung Baru… also its a draft, you’re meant to write with inner grammatical editor OFF. And note to self : must include giant rats.

In less than two hours, I will be in commune with my regular writing processors and ignoring my relatives for Camp NaNoWriMo where I shall write as many words as I can in 31 days (probably less than that because of Syawal). If you want to join up, better start signing up for the madness. Yes, its harder than the November chapter. Mostly because I will be starved and suffering from caffeine withdrawal and fluid addiction and being at the mercy of four kids demanding for attention daily but no pain no gain. To be honest, everyone need a deadline including me and I need some creative push without the inner editor perching on my shoulder.

And the draft above was just a warm up for the real thing and will not be included in the writing progress. Weirdly enough, some folks just cut and paste all their past work just to win NaNo even after being told you’re supposed to write new stuff for a month. Sigh…

Currently, I’m active on Princeton University’s Coursera’s “Paradoxes of War” so I probably will spend more days reading about war theories and read weird books nobody read.

Oh, I saw something called Short Stories Thursday which is weekly e-newsletter filled with public domain shorts stories for busy readers. I want to do the same except for me, it was writing shorts stories. Since the start of the year to write weekly short stories like what Ray Bradbury recommended but I still end up writing novels and when writing blockade came, it came in all its glory and I’m all creatively dried up all weeks. But I did a few of short stories before and what the heck, #ShortStoriesSaturday challenge is very doable. Now that I’m getting even more busy with writing stuff and I really need to amp up my writing ventures. (And print all of my drafts before I forget all about them).

Which brings us to this :


I will be joining up a weekly local writing programme called UnRepresented Kuala Lumpur from this August to October 2014. From what I read about the first UnR group, it was intense and I hope I would gain more gist and knowledge from it. Make no mistake, even though I lived in KL exclusively for four years, I don’t feel I know a lot about the city in contemporary and literary aspect. In fact, I hardly write about the city and I hardly even wrote contemporary literature (except that Oresteia story which was left unfinished and several short stories).

What does that means?

#ShortStorySaturday <== Publish at least 1k on this day weekly, no matter what linguistic crime and grammatical atrocities I might commit.

Camp Nano = July 2014 (31 days and fasting when I could)

UnR2 = August – October 2014 (8 weeks)

NaNoWriMo = November 2014 (30 days)

Five months of writing madness… makes Ira cray cray. Let’s hope I might survive through all of this.

Well, I’m not complaining but someone will be.

ScreenHunter_72 Jun. 30 22.17
“Ami!! Why do you spend so much of your time on the PC? Entertain me! And I want to watch Thomas and friends!! Surrender thy PC to me!”



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