So, I went to King’s Landing aka KL today just to get a new cable for the Samsung galaxy and along the way, I went ahead… walking from Starry Hill to KLCC and straight to Kinokuniya… am totally in the splurging mood. Of course, like any other person obsessed with reading.. you can’t go into a bookstore without going out purchasing a book.


I really want to get a Gilgamesh book but most of it was RM30-60 range so I saw a Signet Classics of Beowulf, which was RM14.95. *gasp*… I also found Signet Classics’ The Metamorphoses but I reasoned with myself that I am still reading the second hand copy I bought weeks ago. But yes, if you found anything Signet Classics in the shelf, get it. Its cheap.. maybe moderately cheap as RM9.90 Iliad I got from the same shelf.

But I really got annoyed by the new shelving. Apparently, love poetry dominate the poetry section as a genre. Oh well, that’s what most think poetry is anyway. Weirdly, they neighbored Homer. Well, epic poetry with loads of graphic violence does made it romantic in some ways.

Also, since I left my nephew sad when I went out today, I gifted him Skarloey. Toys “R” us somehow repriced the rest of Thomas and Friends toys. I will try find Rheneas or Sir Handel for my nephew. Yes, he love Welsh trains.




Who is the best auntie of the day? 😛

Also, I’m reading The Left Hand of Darkness again. This book is so good. Also, possibly will be banned if you want to translate it in Malay. My next rant topic in coming,


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