The Junk Book Store @ Jalan HS Lee, Kuala Lumpur

ScreenHunter_69 Apr. 19 15.01

Believe it or not, I lived exclusively in KL for four years and I never once step inside this infamous bookstore. My bad. Actually, I need some legwork with something I’m working on so what to refresh my mind like another weekend shopping trip. And I had insomnia (again) as my nephew had some high temperature throughout the night and he kept crying every few hours and so I end up not sleeping at all. So much for avoiding stress (and my eyes burning right now but my mind is still up and running)

I got myself lost trying to find the store from guides from blog and Google Maps, turns out it was merely a block away from LRT Masjid Jamek.

ScreenHunter_69 Apr

Sigh.. turns out I use the map for the road vehicles rather than on foot and people of internet, why you always love to complicated directions? Also, you got to be crazy to want to drive through this part of KL.

As soon as I step into the store, apparently besides the three family who manned the store, I am the only sole customer this afternoon. Which is really weird because the store is impressive. Claustrophobic, hoarding-trigger but impressive. Floor to ceiling plastic covered books everywhere, and because they only open until 2pm on Saturday, I had to browse quickly for the stuff I really want. One thing for certain, they have OCD-level organizing system. A bunch of these books are perfectly arranged and I was afraid of skewing some of the sections and unconsciously re-righting the book arrangements.

I could see that it was a tourist attraction. I saw many books in Swedish at one section and there was piles and piles of travel guides.

I didn’t bring any camera along so maybe I’ll update this blog again with pictures but here’s the gist. If the book you’re seeking quite unique and rare and possibly being read a lot by others- chances are they might have them.

They have some interesting titles too and decent collection of Margaret Atwood, Ursula K LeGuin and Iain Banks. Some are pricey but there’s a lot of books under RM20 if you search them hard.

I do know the prior complain about the bookstore was the value of money. Well, I am regular BBW and Bookxcess and warehouse sale patron and so I am completely aware that this bookstore is nowhere going to selling their books under RM10 mark like the usual sales but the thing about these sales, your choices are genuinely limited to certain books within certain period and year.

But all I care about was its collection of Greek books and yes, they have them.


As for the pricing, Ovid’s Metamorphoses (RM29) and Ursula K LeGuin’s The Left Hand Of Darkness (RM22) but the lady just ignore the excess RM1 and I got them for RM50. Was it a bargain? Oh yeah…

I am not complaining. I’ve been looking for both of these in physical form for a couple of years now and both cost around RM50 each at Kinokuniya and you hardly find them in books sales. Reading badly formatted Gutenberg’s Metamorphoses and gorgeous worded The Left Hand of Darkness on ebooks is another story.


ScreenHunter_69 Apr. 19 15.37

I might be coming to the store again in the future and get my own pictures for the blog.

I will look up the other second hand bookstore Skoob at Old Town next which supposed nearer to my hometown.


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