Firelight (Firelight #1) by Sophie Jordan


ScreenHunter_69 Apr. 06 00.49

I enjoyed this book. Its actually a 3 and a half star. Unfortunately, I couldn’t escape reviewing it without mentioning Twilight because it really is, a version of Twilight, albeit being a better one. Since I know that many started reading YA paranormal romance from Twilight, but if you have younger kids in need of something similar read read but you don’t want to traumatize them with that infamous series of bad female character and romanticization of abusive relationship, this is quite a good book to read.

One word : dragon. I adore dragons. My zodiac is an earth dragon. So, what’s better than having a dragon shapeshifter as a main character. Although, I did have a problem pronouncing “Jacinda” in my head since I always end up with “Jacinta” instead. But whatever, dragon shapeshifter or dragon-descent if you want to be political correct with it.

The story is similar to Cynthia Hand’s Unearthly (although I gave up on the second book once the whole Christianity theme began to crop up often) but thankfully devoid of any religious elements. I really like Jacinda. I like the plot too although it is quite the same “special boy meets special girl” scenario but I guess the added twin character gave Jacinda more dimension as a character. I mean, retrospectively, the book is also the story of Tamra’s life reenacted through Jacinda. It is a story of trying to fit in a place where everyone is different. I guess, I can relate to that more as a teenager than I did with Bella in Twilight.

I know that forbidden love have been an overused trope but it kinda suits well with the relationship between Will and Jacinda. I don’t really have a problem with their relationship being rather not straightforward but one thing for sure, Will aren’t a bedroom stalker. Also, I’m not sure there is an actual love triangle.

But as light reading goes. It wasn’t that bad storytelling-wise.


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