Clockwork Heart (Clockwork Heart, #1) by Dru Pagliassotti


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I didn’t think I’d enjoy a heavy steampunk book with a lot of mystery elements and slight romance element in it. I can’t say this book was explicitly a romance title despite the blurb hinted it so but I enjoyed the worldbuilding more from the tiered city to the people and its caste and politics and also the mystery. Sort of like reading a Final Fantasy 9 story.

I’m not sure this is considerably a light reading material but the concept is really good although the plot was a tad predictable and somewhat brutal. I adore the Hermes-like job the Icarus had and the ‘deus ex machina’ element Ondinium and the Great Machine somehow made the story in the edge of fantasy and science fiction territory. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment the author describe the act of flying with the wings and it’s mechanics.

It’s a story about an Icarus who found herself at the right moment in a wireferry bomb accident and she rescued an upper class or ‘Exalted’ women and her child. Along the way, she finished her job which lead her to an encounter with another pair from the Exalted caste, Alister Forlore and Cristof Forlore who was related to the pair she rescued earlier. Along the way, she became even more intrigue by the mysteries and inexplicably got herself in between the affections of the brothers while also being suspicious over who was responsible with the sabotage.

Steampunk is a hard genre to breakthrough especially if you’re a novice steampunk reader. There weren’t much Steampunk novels being written by women and so other than Meljean Brook’s The Iron Seas series, Clockwork Heart did fit in the bill of light romance and great deal of adventure and more steampunk world building. Sadly, certain demographics always veered to expecting too much romance that it was nearer to erotica. If you want a story about alternate steampunk world and some fast paced plot with just sexual tension, then this book is for you.

Also the sequel was released just recently but not in ebook form which made the local pricing even more ridiculous than the original price.


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