A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nassar

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I never would have thought a book on a real life person to be more interesting than the fictitious movie the book had inspired. It was amazing and so painfully cited that although it was an unofficial rendition of the life John Forbes Nash, Jr, it was in fact, more real than ever. Made you really wonder that it wasn’t even for someone with a brilliant mind, it was a difficult life and a difficult time.

It wasn’t always that the truth can be as more puzzling as the reality. “A Beautiful Mind” is just like that. It detailed some of the events in Nash’s life although seemingly at a distance, almost surgical, but the amount of the content the author had obtained made the movie somehow romanticize the man into a mythical math hero and made his life a film noir.

It is a math book. Most of the time it does filled itself with literal theories without equations and numbers, but it was enough to provide concise explanation around Nash’s academical life and his significance in the world of economics. For me, that was the most interesting part of the book while the second act, where he became to regress in his personal life was the one that made his story epic and surreal. Although some parts of the book was deeply personal and it felt invasive knowing about his marriage life and his life with his family, it didn’t let go of the basic human story this book carry.

What the book reveal to its audience was that this man who suffered manic depression, despite his gifts in logical and problem solving and impressive academic career, is still as human as us. With limitations and constraint, with problems and fault, strange and alien as he was with the rest of us, he wasn’t flawless but his mind was much more than that and even in his suffering, everything made the man more than the rest of us.

Oh, I caught a Doctor Who reference in the book. Find them.


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