I’m Not Going to BBW’s Fireball Sale…. Why?

I’ve experienced a hike in visitors and everything is around the sale itself. Apparently, the only way you get viewership is to blog about the sale now (Don’t worry, I don’t profit from this blog at all. Its just another place where I keep my reviews). This spike is weird since I’ve always talk about the sale online since 2009 and I thought it was a general knowledge by now.

I’ve always been on a BBW firesale streak since 2009 (I’ve always went on the last day of the sale at Amcorp Mall, the few times in South City Plaza and then the one last year in MIECC)… but I won’t be going there this year.. Why?

Here is why…


My faithful Kindle finally died a few day before the BBW’s Firesale and henceforth I have to cut down on book hauls until after I get a newer e-reader.

Real story is, I put the kindle on my mother’s sewing machine next to the desktop. My nephew wanted to watch Youtube for “Thomas and The Tank Engine” and we didn’t have space enough on the chair and my nephew was struggling to be comfortable and pushed me behind and my elbow hit the kindle and it fell on my father’s foot massage machine. Its a heavy duty item and had survived a lot of falls but it cracked on the hard bulging surface of that machine. I was able to copy every books I had on the desktop but thus ended the life of a good ereader which have done generous to me since 2012 and cured my insomnia. The end.

And my insomnia is back because I’m writing in front of another strong backlighted laptop which was bequeathed by my mother. Which is alright really since it keep me focused enough with my WIPs rather than my ebook collections. I still have the tablets but ebooks experience on tablets aren’t much the same as the one you read at an LCD screen. So I have to hurry up with a publishable material so that I could get some money so that I could buy another e-reader (which was RM470… sigh)…. or just starve myself for a couple of months and sell some books I’ve read and not going to read again.

So really, if you’re coming to this blog for this week’s BBW sale. You’re out of luck. But I’m fine with it anyway. There’s always the BBW sale at the end of the year…. which I’ve won a preview pass.

Hah. Several years of trying and this is the first time I got it off the Facebook share stuff. So that was my guarantee for a future post for the future BBW 2014 sale. Sorry, I couldn’t satisfy your book haul need. I can feel you. I love my haul last year and I got a lot of Urban Fantasy and YA books I love from them. Then again, I can always drop by the second hand stalls in Amcorp Mall to feed my needs all year round.

As for the blog itself, since my sister broke her PC, I’ve been sharing the main desktop and it shrink my usage time so I end up not posting anything here. I did read a lot and post reviews on Goodreads but since none of it was ARC so posting newer reviews over here will take some time. So… go to my Goodreads page. (Interesting titles which I’ve read since my last post and reviewed on GR was No Country for Old Men, several Greek plays, The Giver and Fahrenheit 451) But now I have my own laptop, so it will take me some time to catch up on this nearly forgotten blog.

I’m on 5000 words per day streak with my current WIP but apparently everyone love to sabotage me this week. My favourite cousin came around from his work Australia for a few weeks vacation around Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. He’ll be going back to UK this June for his sister’s wedding (I wanna go to UK) and so he’s spending a week here. I’ve went over to Bukit Bintang to met up with him and his partner with my uncle and boy we talk a lot.

And I got home after midnight and after catching the last trains and found out that apparently Google think this blog was significant enough for me to have an Authorship place in Google search. For that, I thank you for coming over and reading my random OCD ramblings about books and random things which I spend a lot of time typing about.

So this means, I really do need a proper domain name for this blog right? Hmm… I wish that was a priority for me.


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