Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits #1) by Katie McGarry


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I’ve been trying to finish this book and it kept being in my DNF-ed for ages. In fact it took me two years and I’ve been reading the galley version of this book and I still have a hard time digesting through this book. Most of the time I expected its due to the formatting but most of it is because I really don’t like and care enough for the story nor for the characters nor the style.

The copy I’m reading doesn’t have the necessary part to make the separate narrative to carry its individual distinction. I found myself being confused by a dual narratives. Often I was in the guy’s head and then suddenly everyone addressing the narrator as Echo and vice versa. They nearly have the same voice and it seem melded together. I guess maybe it was due to them being tortured and scarred souls or something. Maybe its a good thing since if the writing itself took an effort to read, its easier to see where the nice things are. But apparently I still find myself being too emotionally uninvested in these two characters nor with the story.

I have enough problems in my life as a teen and I was a wreck as a teen (frankly who wasn’t) and I’ve been all socially outcast in three states, being called something I’m not and whole balloon of drama and stuff and I’ve tried using the counselor approach several times in my life and it didn’t work for me since I have issues with people who think they can read people professionally but I sort it out eventually and I have my own reading and writing to keep me sane and a therapy. But curiouser, neither the characters doesn’t connect with me. While most think it was too realistic or deep but all I see was superficiality and fictional characters with their personality spread thinly and in a dire need for attention or decent bitch slapping. I like the male POV but soon the narratives was too nonsensical for me to make sense of everything. I simply don’t care about the unnecessary dramas.

Seriously, Kafka’s Metamorphosis at some point did have the whole “everyone and everything is against you for absolutely some weird no reason” alienation right but when you constitute it into one brooding guy with some issues and a girl who are too focused with herself and concerned about people around her to function properly, it does make the necessary attention span went out of the roof. I guess I know why some of these contemporary YA (or chic lit or its new name the New Adult) never click with me.

And I have a problem with books with too many characters in it. I read too many books and known too many people so names tend to come in one ear and out the other unless you hook me to a real person with a face on it. But as soon as I lay my eyes on a chapter of this book, the book exploded into a serious case of too many people and too many drama. I know it was common for stream of consciousness things but all these characters without unique descriptives are just name lists rather than actual characters.

While I appreciate a good deal amount of fictional romance in my otherwise romantic loveless life, the great girth of this book seem to revolve on the unnecessary drama element and loads of talking and touching and expressing feeling at the emotional level that plot took a minor role over the character dramas. While I understand family drama completely but maybe my experience with teenage angst was on different level that the book didn’t synchronize with me at all. I guess to me the book have the same level as every Malay contemporary dramas people make these days with its stick people spending too much of their time and soul on each other and down to some psychological illness that maybe or may not be realistic. Honestly, that was plain excruciating for me in writing form as it does in real life. There is a bigger world out there and the world don’t revolve around singular pronouns and apparently some mean people too. The book is relevant to a degree if what you seek was the drama part but on the overall execution part, it was poorly done. Too repetitive. Too boring. Too predictable and very unexciting. I know some Harlequin and bodice rippers that are better at these kind of cliched dramas that sometimes did touch my medium sociopathic heartstrings but for its length and effort, its too hyped to make the experience worthwhile.

The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.



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