Dragos Takes a Holiday (Elder Races #6.5) by Thea Harrison

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I never knew why it had a bodice-ripper cover. Just because it have Dragos in its title? Its a story about a dragon and a unicorn with their kid on a holiday for a treasure hunting session in the Caribbean. The cover should have a baby dragon in it because Liam owned this book. If you haven’t follow the Elder Races’ series, basically it started around the aftermath of “Kinked”. Dragos lost two of his sentinels to their mates which didn’t help with the workload and the demesne suffered some trade embargo from the elven demesne which then was resolved with a war against the Numenlaur elves where they became enthralled by an ancient elf who hold a God Machine. Now that his sentinels were all peachy right after “Kinked”, Pia wanted Dragos to have some time off from governing the Wyr demesne and need help in figuring out how to raise a dragon child together.

Its a short novella with some plot thought out but the main focus was the characterization between the dragon’s family which their story was still ongoing from the first book. In this story, we finally had some variety with the added light faes and dwarf characters. This time we had the story of the light fae demesne when they migrated from Europe and I guess from the hints, I know what the next novel will be about.

This book was just plain adorable because Liam has his own POVs in it. A several month old child’s POVs, can you believe it? It was like reading Baby’s Days Out with the baby shape-shifting into a dragon-unicorn hybrid. Liam adoring his parents. Liam trying to crawl. Liam trying to fly. Liam with his bunny. Liam getting into trouble with the bad guys. Liam’s Days Out, I want more of that. Please?

The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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