2013 of Reading In the Nutshell : Top Picks

tumblr_mp62hjjokj1rkame2o1_500 ScreenHunter_66 Jan. 01 13.23 Yeah thats a nice number but I read too many bodice rippers this year. Thats a flaw and a fact and I revel in it, thank you very much. I also did a lot of rereadings especially with Ilona Andrews’ books, Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series, Michelle M Pillow’s space romance series, GA Aiken’s Dragon Kin series but they’re good books on their own. I’m not going to rank everything but here’s the gist of everything.

And hear me out, not everyone like the books I like and not every books everyone likes is the book I like

  • The Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce

ScreenHunter_66 Jan. 01 13.40 I started the year reading them and its a pleasant YA series about a female knight turned shaman fighting for her kingdom.

Alternative to this was Sara B Larson’s Defy which is a bit a bit similar to Alanna series but for me the narrative is better. 

  • Legend Series by Marie Lu

ScreenHunter_68 Jan. 01 13.47

Can you believe the series ended within this year alone. The ending was a bit sappy but it was worth the journey. To me, the series is the definite successor of The Hunger Games down to better worldbuilding and characters. 

ScreenHunter_70 Jan. 01 13.54

I love this book. Its like Terminator with Dragons in it.

ScreenHunter_75 Jan. 01 13.57

Great literary technique for a YA fiction. The book started in weird teenage lingo and then the story telling unravel itself with its depth without being pretentious.

ScreenHunter_76 Jan. 01 13.59

It was fantastic. A story about a hidden prince  and became a king of a kingdom in the verge of a war. Politics and sword fights with pirate king in it.

  • Tarjei Vesaas’s The Ice Palace  

ScreenHunter_72 Jan. 01 13.55

A beautiful Norwegian novel I read for Fiction of Relationship. Told a tale of a friendship between two girls and a tragedy. A lot of philosophical questions on death and life and of maturity and broken childhood.

ScreenHunter_70 Jan. 01 13.53

As much as historical romance goes, it wasn’t as intense and well-written as this book.

ScreenHunter_70 Jan. 01 13.55

I cried heavily while reading this book from the start to the end. Styxx is the prince of Didymos and the human brother to Acheron. It began with the prophecy by the Fates that Acheron will bring the doom to the Atlantean pantheon and because of that Goddess Apollymi hid her baby Acheron into one of a Greek queen. Doing so she fused Acheron’s life force with the Queen’s baby, Styxx. In Acheron and the DarkHunter series, Styxx was depicted negatively in every way imaginable  and a villian in one of the book. It turns out that the story was so much the same as Acheron who was whored and abused since he was child. Styxx and Acheron was the best of friend but nobody know about his story and his real story broke my heart in every way imaginable. From the heartache when he became separated from Acheron, the abuse from his family, his loneliness, the rape and more abuse, his self-hatred and hatred to his brother. The war and the love of his life. Heart breaking.. seriously, dont read in public.

ScreenHunter_72 Jan. 01 13.56

If you’ve seen the movie with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale by the Nolans, you’ll be amazed how they manage to adapt this unadaptable epistolary book. The movie was only a quarter of the book and the rest was simply amazing.

ScreenHunter_73 Jan. 01 13.57

The real life story of Henrietta Lacks the woman who died and save the world of science herself. I found out that it was a required literary read for others but if you have biomedical science background as me, her story and her contribution was enormous and at times I was humbled by her and enraged by all the wrong doings people had done on her and her family in the name of science. If you’re a biomed grad doing cell culture, this book will humanize you.

ScreenHunter_76 Jan. 01 13.58

I listen to the BBC radioplay as I read this and it was amazing. I’ve read a lot of Neil Gaiman works and listen to his audiobooks but the adaptations of this tv adaptation made everything perfect. I learn a lot more about London from this book than anywhere else.

ScreenHunter_75 Jan. 01 13.58

I haven’t read the third graphic novel yet but I found out that Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Lord of the Series came from the Germanic Das Nibelungenlied from this series. This series sparked my interest in Norse mythology and I was more than surprised that  the mythologies themselves have more woman warriors and furies than Tolkien alone.

  • The Road by Cormac McCarthy

ScreenHunter_73 Jan. 01 13.56

My first Cormac McCarthy that made me fell in love with his writings. The Road is the story of a father and his son in a world where everything dies. It was a depressing book but it was so beautifully written.

ScreenHunter_61 Jan. 01 14.48

Another McCarthy book I read recently via the audiobook.  It was as it say, a dramatic argumentative novel between suicidal White and Black who tried to dissuade White from killing himself.

  • The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

ScreenHunter_78 Jan. 01 13.59

One of the most captivating story about a broken religion system and the ugly side of patriarchy. I think I read this book with this face on me.


And the rest of the book goes on like this…


There are more books I like and dislike within my 2013 reads and that pretty much sum some of the great books I’ve read this year.

But I do have some disappointments too…


The throwing book on the wall kind…

ScreenHunter_61 Jan. 01 15.24ScreenHunter_62 Jan. 01 15.24ScreenHunter_63 Jan. 01 15.27ScreenHunter_63 Jan. 01 15.26ScreenHunter_62 Jan. 01 15.26ScreenHunter_77 Jan. 01 13.59ScreenHunter_61 Jan. 01 15.20

Sigh… okay, mini-rant.

All of these book was being recommended to me and hyped about.

Julie Kagawa’s The Eternity Cure and Richelle Mead’s Gameboard of the Gods was plain awful. I love the authors work like The Iron Traitor and The Fiery Heart but those books was a completely different species from the same author.

September Girl was made as one of the example by a certain author about Goodreads reviewer “bullying” an author who write good story. Except it was a story of a sexual fantasy of a virginal teenage boys where all the girls want to sleep with him. The characters themselves was bad too.

The infamous Veronica Roth’s Allegiant was in everybody’s list this year and the most hyped about series since the movie is coming around. It was plain disappointment and one of the most irritating part was the nonsensical eugenics that drove the whole story together. How can people write about genetics and dont know what genetics really is?

Storm Front was a plain disappointment. I know that many was crazy about the Dresden Files series but Dresden was waaay too much over his head with the whole hardboiled noir thing. I’m reading Maltese Falcon and seriously Sam Spade doesn’t suck and there were many many more Urban Fantasy series like Kate Daniels to gush about.

Atonement. I adore the movie but the book was weak and a disappointment. There was four part in the book and the first part bloated the rest of the book. As much as I hate stream of consciousness, Atonement brought a new meaning of unnecessary fillers that people love and hate in others.

More rants? Thats what my blog is all about.

ScreenHunter_61 Dec. 31 21.04ScreenHunter_61 Jan. 01 13.02 ScreenHunter_61 Jan. 01 13.03 ScreenHunter_61 Jan. 01 13.04 ScreenHunter_62 Jan. 01 13.04 ScreenHunter_62 Jan. 01 13.07 ScreenHunter_63 Jan. 01 13.07 ScreenHunter_64 Jan. 01 13.07 ScreenHunter_64 Jan. 01 13.08 ScreenHunter_65 Jan. 01 13.08 ScreenHunter_66 Jan. 01 13.08


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