Cress, Chapters 1-5 by Marissa Meyer

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I receive the first chapter a couple of weeks ago as an ARC but how on earth does one review a chapter? Then I found four more additional chapters released as a free ebook on Amazon and it provided more material than the ARC I received. Which was great considering from the first chapter I kept thinking that Cress was more and more as Sailor Moon than Cinder did. Or Sailor V. Yep, it is the hair.


In “Cinder”, Cress who gave a warning about Lunar Queen’s nefarious plan on Earth from the broken android Kai had send to Cinder for fixing. In this short chapters, Cress have been trapped inside a satellite for seven years that was orbiting around earth by her captor Mistress Sybil. She was also the one who was responsible for most Lunar infiltration from space  and was deeply guilt-ridden with her role in the lunar werewolf massacres in “Scarlet”. The stakes are getting higher since the Queen Lavena and Kai was engaged to be married to prevent an all out invasion. But the engagement was merely a facade as the queen intend to murder the emperor to usurp the Commonwealth and conquer Earth. It was up to Cinder to claim her rightful place as the true heir of the Lunar throne and defeat Lavena.

I do like the much shy and timid version of Cress and she’s really cute with her crush on Thorne. Cinder on the other hand was increasingly being stressed by the deadline of the royal marriage and was preparing physically and mentally for the war she’ll face head on against her evil aunt, Lavena. Scarlet and Wolf’s relation seem to pick up from the last book although they’re still being awkward with each other. It wasn’t much but if you love the first two books and want to read the continuation of the series, you’ll probably pre-order the book  already. From the excerpts, Cinder, Thorne, Wolf and Scarlet will be coming for Cress for her help in their revolution to save Earth and its people including Kai. But February is just a couple of months away.

The first chapter was an ARC supplied by the publisher via Netgalley. The first five chapters of the book was published on December 5 and is available for FREE on Amazon.


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