Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

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Clean Sweep about an innkeeper with a magical inn that acts as a place for transient aliens visitors from outer space via a rift in space. As an innkeeper, Dina had an obligation to protect her guests and when a series of gruesome dog murders around her neighbourhood made her worried about her neighbours, she seek the help of a werewolf neighbour to hunt the culprit before they upgrade to hunting human and risk expose their existence to the public.

There’s gore, monsters, some gross inducing scene involving the word “boiling” and “putrefaction” which I did gag while reading it this morning post beef congee breakfast. It was definitely packed with plot, characters and action, just the way I like it.  The story turn out to be unexpectedly funny and unpredictable. The world-building was amazing even for a web-serial novel. The characters can be a bit archetypal and similar to most of what the Andrews had wrote but they’re distinctively unique and the multiple character interactions was infectious and a joy to read on that reason alone.

Although it was shorter than a full length novel and I finish it within a couple of hours, it was an amazingly satisfying story even at a shorter length (but I love Kinsman’s series at they’re short and similarly satisfying too). The book fell neatly in urban fantasy demesne however it etch toward science fiction more than its fantasy aspect but it was definitely crossing several genres which will appeal those who want to seek something above than average vampire-werewolf triangle. There were hints of a triangle romance but there’s a Twilight jab at the mention of how statistically the vampires get the girl more than werewolves. Although minimally steamy, the sexual tensions and the unsolved subplots was good enough for me to look forward for the next installment of the series. 

The ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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