Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman, Skottie Young


I genuinely think Neil Gaiman did watch all Doctor Who episodes for his “The Doctor’s Wife” scriptwriting and mush everything he had researched and wrote it in this near fanfiction book and sell it off to be children books.

Its a story about a father who was left at home with his kids who was complaining about the lack of milk in the fridge. Then he tell his kids about stories of him travelling across space and time in a time machine TARDIS hot-air balloon as a companion with a space dinosaur Doctor Professor and went to meet all bunch of aliens (Splod, Splott.. or Ianto’s “Its Sploee”) and fought with them while trying to save a bottle of milk for his “its not breakfast cereal without milk!” children. You see those underlined stuff, ALL of it was Doctor Who-related stuff and I could point out exact episodes where you can reference to them. Even the milk is a deus ex machina screwdriver and Clara Oswin Oswald!

Unfortunately, I read through this book in a record time because of its length, honestly, it would have been better if I had listen to this book instead of reading them but it was B&W illustrated and there’s no audiobook of it yet. What I had in my kindle was the $6.66 (RM22) American version illustrated Skottie Young while there’s the RM40 hardcover UK version illustrated by Chris Riddell which I browsed in Popular. There’s a huge difference between either these two (the father in UK version was an illustrated version of Neil Gaiman complete with his ever memorable hair) so feel free to spend more money to buy the same book because its probably worth it anyway.

“Fortunately, the Milk” reminded me about his free spirited “Crazy Hair” but I wish I could separate myself away from the obvious Doctor Who references but it was too predictable even for me. I did enjoy the talking dinosaur bit and the part about the milk having unusual ability to withstand every kind of dangers and the wumpire part but my younger nieces would have enjoyed it better since they fit the demographic of this book and even though they’re Doctor Who fans, they probably slid off the unsubtle references a bit more than I could.


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