Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Scott Pilgrim, #2) by Bryan Lee O’Malley


ScreenHunter_58 Oct. 23 14.34

This is the coloured volume two of the video-game-like-to-comic-book story of Scott Pilgrim vs The World where we follow through the life Scott Pilgrim, a between jobs and bass player for the indie rock band Sex Bob-omb after his fateful encounter with a girl he knew to be the One and her league of evil ex-boyfriends and also dating a high school girl. Right after his encounter with Ramona’s first ex-boyfriend, Scott began dating Ramona seriously but he forget that he was still in a relationship with Knife Chau.

Yes, Scott have his own faults and flaws and yes, you still want to hit him and stuff but hey, nobody is perfect. But while reading this, I still can’t find why they have to use Micheal Cera. Drew Seeley fit Scott more than Cera. Or even Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf.

Sure, this is a considerably old comic series with cult-like status (why not?) and of course its a must-read, but the real question was, why must you have this colour edition especially when you already have your own?

Umm… colours!!

I’ve read most of Scott Pilgrim series years back and one of the problematic thing was – its all black and white and tone sheet transfers while the movie was mind-numbingly vibrant with all kind of colours that it shock the senses. Similarly to the first volume, the colouring in this volume does follow closely to the colour palette in the movie so if you’ve watched the movie first, you won’t be completely disappointed by this volume.

The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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