Kenobi by John Jackson Miller


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Obi-Wan is by far the only character that made the prequel trilogy workable and bearable to me. He’s a mysterious character but by far the most developed character in the series besides Anakin Skywalker. But although this book was self-titled as Kenobi and is an original novel without any relation to other canon in the book, I am terribly disappointed by how very little Ben Kenobi was in this book and completely dissatisfied by this book as a whole. Instead of Kenobi, it should be “The Lives of the Folks in Tatooine and the Mysterious Ben Kenobi”.

I don’t really mind if its a space western. I mean, I do love Firefly. But I really hate it when the blurb completely lied to me. Its not the story of Obi Wan at all, its actually the narratives of several characters. Its the story of  Annileen who manage a general store and western saloon who had some troubles and Orrin a quite hateful character and A’Yark, a Tusken. Ignore the whole part about it being an Obi-Wan story, it is an original book but its not mostly an Obi-Wan book even if its named Kenobi.

I tried to be optimistic with the storyline but I have to face the fact that I couldn’t care much about Annileen nor Orrin to make this book worthwhile that it does drags on when there’s barely any clarity that by the time I actually say Ben and tried to be enthusiastic with it, the side characters continue to drive this book into oblivion. I mean I know that Ben must do something between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope but I can’t help that western pulp run on cliched stereotypes mistaken as depth. I do like A’Yark but I don’t think random light saber fight and laser guns would distract me from the shallow river this story run on. Plus, they even have a slight bit of romance added to the mix with Ben and Annie. I seriously don’t think that’s not intentional.

There should be more to Tatooine and Ben’s life in the desert planet than another filler storylines and characters with action heros and dialogues. It could have been more to it than another appropriation about natives and settlers. Come to think of it, it even have its own genocide as contributed by Anakin. Was this intended to be another unsubtle misappropriation of western imperialist and colonization history? So yeah, it could have been more to this book from the blurb alone and its not it with this book.

The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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