Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Zombies and Demons by Troy Brownfield, Patrick Shand


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This the actual cover that drew me into this book by the publisher until I found the actual version of the cover inside the book. This isn’t my first Zenoscope reading and I’ve been burned by them several times including the nasty Sleepy Hollow and yet you’ll find me reading through their galleys again. Yay.

“Zombies and Demons” is a two part graphic novel with some connected storylines between some of the characters where each of them is a series of their own. This volume started with a man with a former life as a slave who had to face his past and the love of his life in the midst of the rising dead and later half of the book is about a very busty Japanese demon slayer who was in the struggle between her duty and her love while new evil is rising up more heavy duty demons into the living plane.

Despite my misgivings about the ridiculous impractical cup size in any fight scenes (the Amazon burn off their boob for a reason) and that ridiculous sleeve tattoo, I do think the first story was solid and I simply adore the gore and the demons in the secondary plot. I am surprised by Elijah’s depth and there’s quite minimal amount of unnecessary cleavage or sex scenes I usually accustomed by anything published Zenoscope. The zombie series seems to be a newer publication and I was looking forward to Elijah’s mysterious past and the continuation of his story.

As an introductory graphic novel on both The Cursed and The Unseen series, I do think this volume is complemented both series to new audience effectively. I’m not sure how that’s necessary to insert Unseen as it is an established series but if you’re a fan of them this novel is still a collectable item to have.

The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


One thought on “Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Zombies and Demons by Troy Brownfield, Patrick Shand

  1. This is actually the complete series of ZOMBIES: THE CURSED and DEMONS: THE UNSEEN! The characters continue into the UNLEASHED event, but this collects their stories from beginning to end. Glad you enjoyed!

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