Star Trek Volume 6: After Darkness by Mike Johnson, Ryan Parrott, Erfan Fajar, Claudia Balboni


Take a moment to appreciate how the graphic novel artists uses the likeness of all the movie characters in this graphic novel because its more fun to appreciate the artistic quality than the storyline within this book. Considering this isn’t just a canon, it is the continuation of Star Trek Into Darkness with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman’s involvement with the storyline so, like it or not, it happen. After Darkness consisted of two storyline which was Spock’s Pon farr and his relationship with Uhura and a smaller detective-like story about a planet where a settlement was found slaughtered by the natives.

Without the excessive flares and Benedict Cumberbatch, there’s barely any redeemable quality with this reboot. Karl Urban and Simon Pegg is still underused and their presence only provide the unnecessary pseudo-science bits without any plot around them. We get to see continuation of Spock and Uhura’s relationship where they talk about their feelings and suddenly Spock suffer this intense feelings to mate and the captain rush them to New Vulcan where we got an absentee Nimoy Spock and a Vulcan lady wanting to mate with our Spock. Unfortunately, the journey was not soon enough for Spock because he went wild and our Starfleet troopers had to come out with some brilliant plan to bring back our barbarian Spock back. We even get some hint with Kirk and Carol’s future relationship without any mention of Bones and Carol’s obvious on-screen flirtation. 

It is painful that they have to resort to this. I was anticipating somewhat more character development with the characters and while I was looking forward to the Klingon’s hinted storyline but the story fail miserably on making the reboot as something to be taken seriously. This is from the people who developed Fringe and I was anticipating some form of character depthness like how they did with Battlestar Galactica. I think they’re focusing on Spock because to continue on with the “Saving Spock” direction from the TOS movies series. But there’s so much potential with this graphic novel series and was it necessary to introduce barbarian Spock or the necessity to put scenes with bare boobs surrounded by volcanic atmosphere. I am not that die-hard fan of the series but I could see how they’re taking the verse and a Highlander bodice ripper into a food processor and feed it all back to the fanbase.

We don’t need another remake of Princess of Mars and I need more character development of the rest of the characters that was obviously absent in the movie. Shouldn’t there be more to tell? Like how Scotty should be a bit more sensitive about him leaving and coming back. How Carol just lost her father and magically she was able to continue on as if nothing happen and I need Bones without the necessity to say “I am a doctor and not a *insert blank*. Even Uhura was a disappointment with the writer’s insisting to inflict the relationship troubles with Spock. Everybody knew Quinto’s gay but as much as they want to play things out but fact is there’s wasn’t even any chemistry with them to begin with and Uhura always came out like an overly attached girlfriend wanting some attention. Can’t we focus on the fact Uhura did save everyone in the last movie? Plus, shouldn’t Kirk have more side effects from being revived by Khan’s blood? There are many many more potential we could derive from After Darkness as a continuation of Into Darkness. Its a poor incarnate and it shows.

The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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