Emerald Green (Ruby Red Trilogy #3) by Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell


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I never had high hope with the novel although I was intrigued by the story to continue on with Emerald Green which was thankfully a short novel since I skip most of the earlier angst in the beginning and the story truly does start in the middle when Gwendolyn (yes, I never get around calling her as Gwynneth since she’s called Gwen most of the time) found the second chronograph and the reality around the lodge of Count Saint Germain. Apparently the writer didn’t do much novel planning nor the fact that this book in dire need of any beta reader to do the story some justice. I am a non-native english reader myself and I spotted a lot of inconsistencies with the sentence structure and there’s those awkward prose with more awkward dialogues. Now I wonder if the German version was as bad as this one.

My curiosity about the book was sustained by the actual relationship between Lucy and Paul with Gwen and Gideon and how the rest of the story come up around the prophecy and the magic of the raven. Sadly, even I didn’t have the heart to spoil the entire story because it really is predictable and frankly it isn’t necessary to finish the series altogether since the plot was laid out haphazardly. Since the series was an on-going adaptation, I did like the adjustment made with the first movie since I would hate it if they remain faithful with the adaptation and I suspect they’re going to do the same with the later adaptations.

One of the annoyance I had was with the ghost-demon Xemerius, the lodge itself, the unnecessary Gideon’s half brother, the Romeo and Juliet plot, the unexplained plot with the past time travelers especially with the part where Lucy and Paul saw the count murdering someone, the necessity for Gwen to change James’s fate, the comical Aunt Glenda and the unexplained prophetic Aunt Maddy. There’s a lot of characters in the series without any plot that necessitate their existence and the story just ended this way? Darling, I am not pleased. The previous book was promising but Emerald Green come out cold and still largely unsatisfying.


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