The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After (Bridgertons #9.1-9.9) by Julia Quinn


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Okay, this book isn’t quite a proper novel. Its a collection of second epilogue of all the Bridgerton books series first published online or attached to newer edition of the books and all of it was compiled into this paperback with some extra novella at the end. I’ve read the Bridgerton series through my secondary high school. I like the earlier books more than the rest after “To Sir Phillip with Love”.

I’ve read most of the first two book’s secondary epilogue and on repeated reading, it does feel a bit far-fetched to not anticipate more. But with the prevalent theme of “Happily Ever After”, the book don’t make a good reading on its own. So far, I still enjoy The Duke and I’s epilogue which wound up with closing the open ended storylines which was the letters Simon father left him. The second book is plain silly about married couples and some gaming tradition and mallet stealing and fighting. I did enjoy the closing story with Posey. As for Romancing Mister Bridgerton, I end up skipping through the story because there’s less story and more nonsense dialogue in it. I hardly remember anything with the next epilogue although the later Francesca’s story does make everything a bit worthwhile. By the time I reach, It’s In His Kiss and It’s In His Kiss, I lost interest whatsoever in the series. Quinn’s Bridgerton family are too big and the story can go out of fuse easily with too many similar stick characterization and of course, the kids. But Violet’s novella is a bit rewarding at the end although it is frustrating that she didn’t get another chance at love at all.

If you really love the series and finish the series, get this book. But if you’re like me, who have read the books and fall out of love with the repetitive genre; it is tiresome to ask your readers to re-buy your books just because you add an extra epilogue behind it. Its just a marketing ploy for you to buy the older series and complete your collection or something.


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