Single Wolf Female (Midnight Liaisons #2.6) by Jessica Sims


ScreenHunter_52 Sep. 25 05.14

I read this book a couple of weeks ago and haven’t come around reviewing this. Its a simple story about a female Alpha werewolf seeking a new male Alpha for her pack via a dating service because she’s been harassed by another Alpha who had left some disgusting fluid all over her wardrobe as a souvenir. The new Alpha came with his younger teenage Beta and manage to set things right for them.

I did like the story but I do feel the story was too simplistic to associate Alice  with the agency (which was the main series). Certain things are too rushed and there’s barely enough story that made the characters believable. Alice had the makings of a good strong personality Alpha but the story seem to dodge around the supernatural elements to raise up the romance value in this book. Although there are some sexy moments with Jackson, but the characterizations is uneven and there’s simply too many characters in this book to make the give the story some leverage to stand on its own. I still enjoy the book but the rushed content hardly it a memorable reading for me. But its good short read to gain an interest with the major series.


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