Magic Rises (Kate Daniels #6) by Ilona Andrews


ScreenHunter_35 Aug. 30 16.58This book made it worth to reread the whole Kate Daniels series just to prolong the enjoyment of reading. Set a couple of months after Magic Slays and Gunmetal Magic, Magic Rises began with Julie’s friend Maddie suddenly turned Loup. Loup is a term when a shapeshifter’s Lyc-C virus overwhelm the host that it drive the person made into violent, madness, rage, and hunger for human flesh. For children facing loupism, they’re usually being killed by their Alphas. In ‘Magic Slays’, a rogue loup attacked Julie and infected her with Lyc-V but because of her magic the virus consumed her body and she began to Loup. The only way to cure Loup was a very rare panacea but Kate was able to cure Julie with her magic but with a price. This time, a European pack offered the Beast Lord several barrels of panacea provided that he could protect the Alpha’s heavily pregnant daughter in a dispute between land inheritance in the Carpathian mountain because she was pregnant with twins from different father. 10 years ago Curran had gone to the Europe for panacea but was unsuccessful and decimated most of his group. This time, he had Kate and his pack was stronger now and they’re determined to save Maddie and the future of the pack.

The fear between all of the characters are not unlike Torchwood’s Children of Earth. We had it in ‘Magic Bleed’ when Erra attacked a Wolf clan and Kate having to kill a child who had gone Loup and many of the characters including Aunt B who had killed most of her children who had succumbed to Loupism. None of the characters are willing to give up on the children’s life and Kate’s decision on saving Julie have an effect on Curran’s determination to secure the panaceas. But the world building was expanded in this book as most of the scenes in this book occurred in a Mediterranean island and we are introduced to more types of shapeshifters and the politics outside the Beast Lord’s dominion where Kate was judged to be unworthy companion to the Beast Lord and they’re dying to kill her.

Its hard not to gush about this book. I’m going to reread this book again just to soak myself with its awesomeness. Unlike most UF/PNR series I’ve read like Mercy Thompson or Anita Blake or Dresden Files, Sookie Stackhouse or the Carpathian series, Darkhunters etc, there are bound to be a moment in a series where the author just fell apart and give mediocre storyline in between a series but the Andrews managed a perfect magnificent momentum of balancing mythology, action and romance into each of its installments. There’s never a moment while reading through the series that I became bored or that it became repetitive. I’ve anticipate the relationship between Curran and Kate will get predictable or it will be about Atlanta facing another potential threat again but no. You’re definitely in for a ride with this book and you’ll be like me ; pissed off, gasping and crying and more sobbing in public and wanting to read the whole series again.

I’m also quite a fan of the mysterious Hugh D’Ambray and I’m dying to read more about him and finally he became a more prominent character in this book and frankly he did provide an added tension between Kate and Curran. I’m looking forward for the next year’s installment of the series and I am really glad that there are four more Kate Daniels’ novels in the series. Best Urban Fantasy series ever. I won’t be surprised if someone is trying to make this into a movie or tv series.


One thought on “Magic Rises (Kate Daniels #6) by Ilona Andrews

  1. Thankyou thankyou thankyou…Charlaine Harris was always my favourite within this genre..but Ilona Andrews Magic series is peerless, in fact it’s my favourite set of books bar none…I’ve just finished Magic Rises and have started reading the series again..I would live to see a film made as long as it was true to the could be ruined so easily.

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