Stranded with a Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club #1) by Jessica Clare

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I don’t make it a secret that I do read these type of books out of boredom. But this is from another author recommendation and I do find that its well written for a sort-of trashy romance novel. The novel began much like any ordinary Harlequin-setting island paradise with a female character and her obnoxious friend and suddenly there’s a big hurricane incoming towards them and the main character inexplicably trapped in the hotel’s elevator with a guy and they’re stranded on the island for several days and spent being together and romancing until they’re saved and she realized that the guy who saved her life is a billionaire – and she ran away.

You read that right. That is the start of a good relationship I had with this series. Bronte is an entertaining character to read about. Weirdly funny, spunky, stubborn, smart, don’t take any nonsense and very independant and very flawed and prideful, random and frankly quotable. She’s a waitress having a hard time finding a permanent job even when she had a degree (some predicament I could relate to) and have a hive mind with greek philosopher and quotes random dead author’s phrases that baffled and entice Logan. But one of the things she have a hard time accepting, people who lied to her. That’s what essentially Logan did to her when he omitted out that he own the island wreckage  and also several jet planes which made the book entirely unpredictable and interesting to say the least. He end up buying the diner where she work just to ask her to spend the time with him in New York. Thats the fantasy everyone love right? But then Bronte became increasingly annoyed with Logan and the way everyone treated her as if she’s replaceable and she hated it when Logan shower her gifts and then she literally blew up. Yep, loads of groveling in coming.

As a contemporary romance, Bronte is a very likable character. Logan aren’t that bad himself but he does seem like an average guy underneath his bluster. The book started like an average pulp but then end up being very enjoyable to the end.


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