Beauty and the Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club #2) by Jessica Clare

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Another instalment from the Billionaire series, but this time it does around the events in the previous book. A while back, Bronte and her new friend Gretchen was picking up some boxes of books from a mansion and the recluse owner eavesdropped into the conversation and find himself intrigue with one of the girl. When his friend Logan brought Bronte to the secret club as a show of trust, he managed to obtain several new information about the girl -particularly about being a ghostwriter- and end up setting a trap for her by buying a publishing house and offering her a chance to write a book about a boxful of letters he secretly bought for her but claimed he found it in his house. It is creepy but mostly because Hunter was an outcast and kept himself in the shadow because of his past that left his face scarred like the phantom of the opera. And yes, this is a premise for Beauty and the Beast.

Hunter is the most intriguing character in the story next to the vibrant Gretchen who despite all odds about her hating her job as a ghostwriter to a trashy pulp science fiction, she found herself intrigued by the 1800s letters which turn out to be a correspondent between two lovers and their explicit letters about themselves and also to the owner of the mansion.

For a light reading, I do found this book enjoyable and even if its cliched and often predictable, the interaction between the characters were never bland or boring. Cleverly written, fast paced and easy enough to like. If you’re seeking for a good light romance and a modern tale of Beauty and the Beast, this book can never go wrong with it.

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