Sharpshooter (Shadow Agents #3) by Cynthia Eden


Sharpshooter is the third book in Harlequin Intrigue’s Shadow Agents series about Gunner Ortez, a member of a special ops called EOD who had lead a long life and hardship through various deadly mission but his heart only beats for a forbidden woman who once belonged to his dead brother. Two years ago, Sydney Sloan and her fiancé’s brother, Gunner failed a rescue mission to bring back Slade from the jungle of Peru. Both of them mourned together and soon had each other back except that they never seem to get away from their shared past. Now Sydney wanted to turn tables on him and willed them another chance of happiness before their hopes shattered again.

As soon as I started the book, I was already in the midst of the action. Despite being a third novel of a series, I never felt disconnected as the author skillfully made the book readable as a stand-alone novel. Unlike various other Harlequin’s novels with similar plot, Sharpshooter kept me engaged with the relationship both Sydney and Gunner have, their hardship and gained trust. How they something new from each other and became dependent on one another as more than just a team but a soulmate. How their love for each other strengthen on despite the risk of being heartbroken.

Another interesting thing about this novel is that ‘Sharpshooter’ was mainly told in Gunner’s point of view. The author crafted a very empathizable character in him that was unlike any single minded alpha character of the genre. Considering this book revolved around his feelings toward the woman he love and his loyalty toward his little brother, Gunner made the book evolved into more than just a light reading romance. There was multitude of action which doesn’t skimp on plot and characterization. The book was packed with conflicts and at most time cast doubt on these characters that I kept second guess when Gunner was made to look like a villain. There was that added psychological element as the plot ventures even deeper into the heart of the story.

Interestingly, for a short novel, the author didn’t skimp on anything. It is a romance novel but its also primarily a suspense/thriller and an espionage novel. Had Harlequin doesn’t pick up the series, you’d never knew the story was more like something you read by John le Carré or Tom Clancy only with more love in it. I knew I had praised the author with her latest vampire/werewolf romance but I was surprised by this one as I thoroughly enjoy the novel. However, the fast pace action and multitude conflicts might not be a suitable read for regular romance reader who wanted more love story but I enjoy the balance with the storyline and it work well into my reading enjoyment.

The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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