A Dance ’round the Pet World Malaysia 2013


Due to the bad morning haze and potential traffic jam from the rally, I decided not to go to Publika for the Cooler Lumpur Festival and instead went to Mid Valley for the pet exhibition after getting my meds. I also went to a nearby veterinarian to ask about grooming my rabbit (unsuccessful btw) and apparently, a lot of pharmacy only stock surgical masks (not respirator btw) and not n95 – and even then a lot of surgical masks are out of stock. Thankfully, I only get migraine today and not needles in the lungs sort of things which I suffer through last Thursday.

I need more grooming tools for my bunny and some chewing toys for him so I hop on a taxi (and have some drug-induced discussion with a taxi driver whose really worried about my drugged state. Don’t worry, NSAIDs is quite boring.) and went to Mid Valley.


Apparently there’s a fee to get inside the exhibition. Adult for RM5 and kids for RM2. I think its free for those under 6 years old. I’m not sure about the pets fee.

Upon entering I was given this pamphlet..


and I found the shop almost immediately…


Sure they look all cute but these are BABIES. They are the size of my palm! These aren’t dwarf rabbits. Honestly, I was more worried about people buying these babies without thinking the care needed for them (and the fact that they are coprophagy, they need their mother!).  They all look miserable in this picture.

If you went by Petsmore’s store. You’ll see remarkable differences between these two pictures.


For one, they aren’t the size of my palm, they have a large area and a lot of hays and they don’t have that newborn-fluff!

If you want to get a rabbit, its a 10 year commitment. And adopt rabbits!

And the same thing happening at the cat’s section..

IMG_20130622_124031 IMG_20130622_124032

Even this beautiful baby kitten look miserable. Why are they selling babies? Seriously. Oh I know a baby kitten when I see one. This one is barely a couple months old.

On another note, nearby, there’s a Smartheart exhibition where I chance onto an accident with one of the sugar glider when it’s tail got stuck in the wiring. While watching the guy safely release the poor thing’s tail, I caught this little guy staring at me. Awesome.


I’m currently using the Smartheart’s rabbit food for my rabbit which surprisingly have an effect toward fur growth. I don’t think there’s any discounts being offered on the booth so I filch their pamphlets:P


Thankfully, devoid of Thai instructions…. but it didn’t say a lot either. But I was a bit skeptical about the labeling since rabbits aren’t a class of rodenta. I wish the company would fix it since not everyone is clueless on taxonomy of small animals.

But its been a few weeks since I feed him with the pallets. And his fur starting to get better now and he does love it over the nasty hard pallets..

2013-06-22 19.13.34

But my rabbit like the pallets and finish it every day; so happy rabbit, happy mommy. And yes, this is his usual pose around me.

Oh I found a bunch of cuties too…


IMG_20130622_131256 IMG_20130622_131227 IMG_20130622_130603

And if you can, the adoptables at PAWS.





I have mild-severe allergies with cats. It took me around an hour to get facial itchiness, needles in my eyes, throat and lung, and my eyes get red and watery and my nose started to snot up and yes it isn’t a pretty sight and yes, even if I want to, I really can’t live with cats. Staying at my cat-infested grandmothers houses is tolerable but all together means a lot of time spent on drug-induced sleep.

How I get these allergies? I used to own a bunch of cats – and even if I was aware of my allergies then, I still ignore the symptoms until it get worst. All of my cats were strays. Even one of my older cat was adopted by my neighbor and she kept lounging around at my yard and giving bored looks at us.

But now I’m focusing on rabbits since I have no allergies for them,

Frankly, I am still pissed about people throwing their rabbits at pet shelter because they’re moving into apartments that ban pets and stuff like “I have no time anymore” &c. I mean really, why get a long-haired high-maintenance pet and neglect him. I spent EVERYDAY for weeks trying to clean off the mats on Benny’s back and then I found a bunch more around its foot probably left there for months even before he got given up by his previous owners. Mats hurt animals. It pull their skin continuously and give them bald spots, ulcers and breeding place for parasites and dangerous vectors. This is a form of animal abuse too.

Then again, although I’m grateful about the pet shelter I get Benny from and have him neutered and had him injected with Ivermectin, but he need daily attention which I’ve already given to him. Now  I’m convinced that an overcrowded pet shelter serving mostly cats and dogs isn’t a place for rabbits. There’s definitely a need for a place to shelter rabbits specifically. Then again, as if senang trying to find rabbit-savvy groomers and vet in the first place. Oh, you wish.


And just now, I found the Vet government services offer pet passport too. Made it easy for your pets to go outside the country, get vaccinations, microchip and stuff. I think this is a great initiative. Its RM 7 just on the passport (not accounting the cost of the picture, the microchip and the vet services etc). Tempting really.

Got a few more pamphlet too.


From http://www.vpac.com.my.

and http://www.behyorabbbitry.com’s great 20-something pages extensive guide on rabbit. (A selfie since as noted previous pictures, a bunch them are too dark, I’m using cheap made-in-China tablet phone and the dark pamphlet isn’t helping).

ScreenHunter_26 Jun. 22 21.02

If you’re around their stall, filch this pamphlet and filch some of the tester treats too.  I gave a heart shaped treat to Benny and he LOVE it (with eyes wide open in yummeh). Will consider getting the treats online. Gosh this guy really like expensive thing.

Unfortunately, most of the booth are geared toward cats and dogs and not much on other animals. I do find some stuff though…

I purchased a 2kg wood pellet litter from Petsmore and I got an extra 500g litter along with that. Unfortunately their discount promotion centered around their membership club and most of the stuff are cats and dogs, there’s not much for rabbit owners here. However, they do have extensive online inventory. I think they have a smaller shop in Tropicana Mall (which I haven’t step there in a year) since I recognize their rabbit cage. But I am happy as it is.

I also bought a RM6 teething mobile and a pack of RM5 apple sticks from a Mini Pet street store.  I also found a bunch of stuff (hutch, timothy ball, dry shampoo etc) all I want to get and they’re surprisingly cheap and they got a bunch of them in store. I got their business card and am surprised that their shop was inside Sungei Wang Plaza on the first floor. Guess where I will be frequenting next time? hmm? (btw, be careful with the labels, treats like corns aren’t suitable for rabbits)

But what I needed the most was grooming tools (remember that I’m still fighting matted hair on my rabbit daily) and boy I search around and around and I didn’t find any cheap grooming tools among these imported and “professional tools” for cats and dogs booths. (Ah, “cats and dogs”!!! GRRR!!)

I really want some clippers (cheapest RM150) but I read somewhere that its bad for your rabbit. But if I want that clipper, can I start selling my rabbit grooming services now? I mean really… I’m hoarding grooming stuff more than I spent on my own hair care and I’m getting good at these stuff and I’m sick of hearing “we don’t groom rabbits here” in EVERY pet-related services around Kelana Jaya. Its so frustrating!

IMG_20130622_161553But surprise – surprise, DAISO have animal section and I found seriously cheap animal grooming tools. I got those bristle (plastic) brush and those fine comb for RM5 each. Godsend!  Initially I got worried when I found 40% pig hair bristle on the hair section. The evening’s grooming session got a lot easier since the fine-toothed comb work around the matted hair easily that that dematting comb and the bristle brush get more stray hair on it and similarly on my H&M shirt. Gonna get the other larger toothed comb later. And another frustrating fact, this isn’t excessive.

Gosh my fur ball rabbit. You’re more high-maintenance than a boyfriend…



I also got him a Daiso bamboo mat to replace the quilt mat inside the cage. Which I think, he prefer it more. I’m surprised when I saw bamboo mats as cooling mats for rabbits (with steep price) and apparently it does have cooling properties. Marketing and its way filching moolahs.

For all honestly, I don’t think its recommended for pet owners to bring your pet with you even if its a pet exhibition. Unless you’re in competition or involved with the booths, as a exhibition goer, I don’t think its good for average pet owners to bring your own pets (ironically). There’s even restriction on areas allowing you to bring your pets inside the mall and that you cant bring your own pet snake into the mall. But even while I was there, I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of people in the main exhibition area and even I don’t think its good for your own pets. I had a hard time browsing for the items people were selling because I kept bumping into people doing demonstration and stuff.

There were lesser folks in the other areas like hall 3 where there’s those RM1 rabbit petting zone and rabbit competition stuff. The event coordinator should have been aware of the people traffic around booths, like where some people bound to queue to pay at a very crowded cashier, queue to play games or stop and stare at animals and for those doing demonstration. Considering its the 6th year of the event, I’m surprised that the place seem to be chaotic even.

For once, I want the primary exhibit to be those pet adoption and pet services to be the first thing a person go through which concern more about the current issues about pet ownership, responsibility and knowledge instead of the Buy 1 Free 1 pet stalls and people selling never-ending brands of pet food. I have to search far and wide to find these folks in the fringe end of the exhibition. Sad and disappointed even.

But overall, its the last day is tomorrow so if you really need to escape your house because your house suddenly absorb the outside’s smog, feel free to go to the pet exhibition.


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