The Sparkle Factory: The Design and Craft of Tarina’s Fashion Jewelry and Accessories by Tarina Tarantino


For one, I am not creative enough for jewelry making but I do like to read about it and there are times where I found these do-it-yourself books on bargains but this got to be my first read on DIY jewelry. Unfortunately, I dislike chunky jewelries which contribute to the main part of the book although I adore custom and gemstone jewelries.

I do like reading about her own side of the story in the business, how she learn craft from the beginning to her later work in the industry and how she love doing the work she obviously love.  As for the DIY instruction part, there’s a bunch of ideas to choose from. I particularly love the petit chapeaus, chunky bracelets and the  20s headbands.  Unfortunately, a bunch of these things are common in shop nowadays especially the Made-in-China mass produced plastic stuff which I usually avoid. Despite obviously being a designer handwork, I do find it disheartening.

There were additional chapter on pairing up with type of clothing and fashion which is a good read on its own. The organization ideas at the end is a decent read since I do have inability to be organized in anything. There was a good balance of picture and text in this book and the ideas provided would inspire the readers interesting in making DIY accessories.

The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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