Book Haul : Popular Warehouse Clearance Bookfair @ Viva Home Shopping Mall (24 May 2013 – 2 June 2013)

Since I hardly find any information or written blogs about the sale so I give you…


I heard about the sale from Book Lovers Network and spotted some good finds. I got a ‘nudge’ I need so I decided to go and spend the afternoon in Viva.

The location of the sale is convenient too. Since I frequently travel around the city via public transport (I’m the weirdo who like to walk everywhere), Viva Mall is right on the LRT lines. 

For those who never been to Viva Home Shopping Mall, you only need to stop at Miharja LRT station. There’s a walkway that travel between the apartments and a flyover. Just follow the red dots.

ScreenHunter_23 May

If you’re travelling from LRT like I did, be sure to wear comfy shoes and a backpack since the walkway to Viva have a lot of stairs. I had to remind myself to put some of the hardcovers back if I don’t want to lose an arm. (Unless you’re a superhuman who can carry a box of books all the way back to PJ)

I think its due to Big Bad Wolf sale that Popular sale mark down their hardcovers with RM5 to RM20 price tag. Boy, I had a field day.







(accidentally captured a romance… heh)



Maybe since its been several days, but it does annoys me when I see a bunch of piles like this on the cheapest section.



Can you believe it that I think that its not as bad as the last Big Bad Wolf sale.

Dear shoppers, just because its heavily marked up and you’re too rich that you can treat RM10 books like trash, why do you come here again? Is this what to expect when there’s no cctvs? (I hope future book distributors who do these sales would consider video security than just part-timers. I would give money just to watch who did all of these…) As usual, so if you want to blame your kids for stealing things and trashing books, your parenting skills might be faulty from the beginning too.

I really don’t want to stereotype folks but considering the majority who went to the sales who seemingly educated, I implore you. Stop coming to the book sales.

I think these are same type of people who go to book sales, just to buy, browse and simply trash the area and steal stuff. I am amazed really.

Honestly, I do want to chat up with the sale assistants. I could only imagine the stuff they have to stomach customers doing this everyday and for them to rearrange books AGAIN. They must be feeling like Captain Kirk here… inner demons and all.

Irony that is.. you know what the first book I reach for?


Yep. I seem to be living in that kind of dystopia too.

On the bright side, its RM7!

Sadly, its the only cheap Ray Bradbury I saw. I really want a hardcopy of “The Martian Chronicles“.


I seem to remember complaining about the pricing of this book at Times. Rm60+ I think. Imagine my happiness finding a pile of this book in the tables and I got it for RM10.

Its actually one of the banned book in Malaysia. Oh.. I love the whole Fahrenheit 451 parallelism of these… I probably will review it fully just to identify why it got banned and stuff.

I love his “A Clockwork Orange” too and reviewed it a year ago.


The first and only novel by Sylvia Plath.

Another grand, magnificent and rare find for a blasphemous RM 7. I was looking for modern American poetry collection (from Whitman to Plath to Ezra Pound) but one of Plath’s work would do.


Yes, its RM5 hardbacked Dante’s Inferno. No, I don’t want to read Dan Brown’s Inferno.

But I was sold because of these…


The paper bindings reminded me of the Robert Fagles’ translation Iliad  which I’ve always wanted but still ‘mengira’ $_$.

I love reading classic literature and modern classic literature.  But most of the books I wanted was always dead pricey and rare (aka Kinokuniya fodder).


Remember I just finished “The Road” this week? Its fated~~!

It was originally priced RM33.90 but after 80% off, No Country for Old Men became RM6.78. Must be a lucky day.



This is from RM5 pile and I just couldn’t resist!


Another from RM5 pile. My mom have been wanting books on sewing so… I got her this. I actually got this for me because there’s a section on felt book covers!


Because of my eyes, I never was good at stitchings (we go electric baby!). But these have stencils and stuff and a much better alternative than all the knitting books I found.


These two plushies are actually BOOKS. Their retail price are RM33+ but I got them for RM1. Kids love them but not my dad because kids like to play and left things around and I got reprimanded as usual. (But its ciput RM1!)


These are a RM8 book and play-dress-up box with a felt helm, a cape and a foam shield. Its perfect for a boy except my nephew dislike it and his sisters enjoy playing them more. BTW, my niece said something about only boys can become a knight and I yelled “Brienne of Tarth!!!”


Ain’t she awesome?


Of course, I just have too. Besides its RM3.


I always recommend ebooks especially with the availability but I do need physical copies for these and most of the time the ebooks have the same price as their retail paperbacks in exchange rate.

I am cheap. Thats why I haunt book sales.

Normally, even Popular don’t have these books so, to be honest, I was shocked to find these gems. Definitely a great find.

There’s are a bunch of books I left out like Ender’s Shadow, Shutter Island and Don Quixote…. sniff


But all of these cheap hardbacks are hard on my OWN backs. Its necessary to cut out some of the books from the stash or I would suffer on my way home… but…. huhu…


But, there’s one wonderful thing about the sale.


IMG_20130529_135514 Trolley basket! A definite life savior of book sales and spinal cords! I totally need one of these for BBW.

And by the way, I found RM20 hardbacks of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks!


Dear biomed juniors, my coursemates doing masters with cell culture studies, UKM KL library, please please please get them! My course never had a lot of ethical studies as a priority. Its always an hour lecture and I always read these stuff outside lectures so, please, be aware of the injustices done to this woman by scientific community as a whole. That means us too.


I didn’t find much from YA or SciFi and Urban Fantasy from the sale. Nearly all of them are general literature and literary fiction. Yes, I did found some book like Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Shadow, a bunch of the meh Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files (btw, the blurb said its about a “male Buffy”…. uhhh….), some Richard Castles and a bunch of average English classic lits. But, those are not my priority reads and also not my would-be read. If I really want to spend, I would have gotten the Car 2 sticker book for my nephew.

I did found bunch of non-fiction books like politics and stuff… but I prefer internet reading for that. Who would want a Mitt Romney book anyway?

—- Drumrolls —

Verdict of the sale?

There’s a lot of cheap hardbacks with interesting titles but not all of them are up to my taste (plus, no internet connectivity means no checking reviews… I don’t want to buy stuff on whim). I really want more modern classics though. Catch-22, 1984, stuff by Kafka, Dashiell Hammet, John Steinbeck and others but as usual, book sale like these are a treasure hunt.

There’s Malay book section but the discount is only 20%-30% even with member’s price.  There’s a huge section on chinese books for those who can read chinese and also school books and school aids on small discounts.

There’s a HUUUUUUGE stationary section. Some board games are on sale!

If you spend above RM120, you get Read Malaysia 2013 tickets (I thought they were free).

The CD/DVD section was untouched. Boring selections as usual. 

And I am still irritated by the folks attitude on the books during book sale. Found boxes and books with stuff stolen like beadings, knitting, cooking utensils and stickers. There’s a bunch of messy section and there’s not enough crew to clean up frequently (there are more folks promoting the member’s card though).

I am a Popular member but I don’t even use my card. There are some nice 70% member discount for books that was 30% off for non-member but I try not to be tempted by those.

I end up spending around RM58 for 7 hardbacks and paperbacks and 4 children’s books and stuff. I do think I have a heart attack when the cashier scanners show the REAL retail prices instead of the sale price. In some alternate world, it would be more than Rm200+. These RM1 plushies are expensive! Jezz…

and now..


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