My Own Benedict Cumberbatch


Yes, Sherlock…


Boys and girls, I got myself a rabbit in which I called him : Benedict “Benny aka Sherlock aka Islington aka Khan John Harrison”Cumberbatch.

He’s an adult rabbit. Probably over a year old. I adopted him actually. His owners left him to an animal shelter with his children. I don’t really have any preference over what kind of rabbit but no one wanted him because he’s nicknamed “Grumpy”.

Ain’t that perfect?


Now I smell like the rabbit.. sigh. I actually use public transportation (LRT, Taxi and Bus) to get the rabbit from the animal shelter in Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur. Probably traumatize the poor thing but I have no choice really and I don’t really like the idea of the taxi guy suddenly realizing I’m carrying a companion by getting me all the way from Gombak to Kelana Jaya. I covered the carrier with a huge IKEA bag, they don’t notice it or notice it until its too late. Heh…

But my dear boy get home and the kids happily welcome him into the house. Even Alif was unnaturally excited and love his fur.


Sadly, the poor guy have some ringworm infection around the edge of his ears and his paws. I actually notice this among the cats in the shelter. He was filled with matted hair despite the shelter’s owner shaving some of it around his neck. Later I try to get the most of it out of his fur but there’s a huge matted ball underneath his neck which probably make him grumpy. I noticed that he didn’t drink from his water bottle which I get him and his poop seems too dry. So I went to Paradigm Mall’s pet shop to get a brush, a heavier bowl and a kid’s syringe to feed him water.

Yes, the boy is an expensive investment, I’m taking him to a vet tomorrow to get him a check up and injection for his ringworm. Truthfully, its better this way than to get a baby bunny out of a pet shop.

The pet shelter I followed on Facebook said something about rabbits for adoption. My sister have been talking about rabbits for weeks and months and I jump on the opportunity.


But when the lady said they’re all booked, I was disappointed until she said their father are up for an adoption. She must have thought I prefer the lighter coloured young bunnies….


I don’t care that the boy is a year and ‘too’ old (A rabbit can live for more than 10 years folks.. get older rabbits dude).  Seriously. I had a baby bunny then it went missing while I was at my university and later I found out a neighbour kept it. Annoyed me greatly. I think the bunny died since I never saw it at his house.

But there’s a reason why I prefer older rabbit. Younger rabbits like to run fast and very very sensitive, destructive and bitey. Benny doesn’t. At all.

He was neutered at the shelter but his health wasn’t their priority and is now mine. But he’s docile, he doesn’t even like to chew things other than hay (I probably need pellet too… I probably have 3 kind of pet food for him.. aiyo). I also realized that he’s a house bunny. But I kept him outside because he’ll have more space (except I notice my outdoors is actually noisy) and because of his dermatophythosis infection which I think came from being in the shelter. I’ll try to keep him indoors if the weather is too dry or wet for him. (I need huge cage!!)


I’m still learning about Rabbit’s Pathology which does read like my regular human pathology lessons and how to handle and care him. I’m going to the vet tomorrow to get him check up and fungi cure injection (again, high maintenance.. dont buy rabbit folks if you don’t know how to care him) and then spend the day trying to groom him (real dust bunnies are nasty).

I am quite an expert with handling laboratory rats but not quite with rabbits. Hence the main reason why I don’t want to be an RA, I love animals so much. I probably have many bad karma from all the rats, frogs, mice, rabbits that was killed for my studies. The price of medical research.

Then I realize that bunnies are quite a hard work. But even with the space I gave Benny, I don’t think its quite enough. But I can imagine how its like with laboratories animal having to stomach being in a small compartment and small cages with only pellets to eat.

images (5)

Funny thing is… Benny really does look like Benedict Cumberbatch in some way. I kept rotating from calling him Sherlock to John Harrison because of his bangs…


And yes, I have Acute Cumberbatch Syndrome. I totally need to rewatch Star Trek Into Darkness again…. *hearts*

BTW, I never expect to get an Angora (probably mixed) for free. But his fur are too delicious to stroke on…. yes, I’m stroking Benedict Cumberbatch. Technically its legal. Heh.

To the family who abandoned him… your lost is my gain.


Yes, my rabbit and Benedict Cumberbatch’s gif will go hand in hand….

But this is a good thing too. I found out that I don’t have an allergy to my rabbit at all. If I don’t have mild-severe allergies to cats, I would have rescued a bunch of cats out of the shelter. So folks….



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