Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Review


“Star Trek Into Darkness” is the sequel to Star Trek (2009) and the continuation of the reboot alternate timeline version of “Star Trek : The Original Series”. In this movie, we were introduced to story of character development that centered around an infamous criminal – where the production kept his identity a secret which everyone guessed and IMBD spoil you kaw kaw.

As you all know how I gush Benedict Cumberbatch all the time. This is obviously a season for it.

The movie was out in some places. Unfortunately for the rest of Malaysian folks, the movie will be out next thursday on the 16th May. It suck, I know, I feel you. Because I didn’t watch the first part of the movie myself. (UPDATE: for a magical reason unknown to me, GSC is playing Star Trek Into Darkness as of today despite the ads saying it will be out on 16th. If I hadn’t prepping myself with rabbit stuff today, I would have run over to Paradigm Mall and watch it again :P)

I won two tickets for a pre-screening of Star Trek Into Darkness 3D from Nuffnang in which I brought along Nao since she have a car and I don’t have a licence and I hate to get an overpriced taxi (double charge after midnight). After a dinner at Petite Mille (awesome place with Truffle oil and perfect dishes and caramelized onions and MUSHROOMS!!!), we went to get our passes and walk a bit around MPH. We went to GSC only to found out that the hall for Nuffnangs are too small and we had to rush to another hall where the movie already started.

I lost 10-15 minutes from the movie but I managed to be in the first Benedict Cumberbatch scene.


Until I went for another Star Trek Into Darkness viewing, I’m not going to give you the summary until then.

But everyone would attest me to this, after watching Star Trek Into Darkness, all you want to talk about was Benedict Cumberbatch.


Cumberbatch is the only person who dominate the screen but his presence doesn’t overwhelm enough to sideline the other characters. Even if you didn’t know who he is (Are you crazy?), his presence made this a better version of Star Trek than the first movie which I found quite a caricature of the original series (I love you JJ Abrams but stop with the sentiments will ya).

He was so good into his character, Star Trek could have been renamed with only his character’s name. 


Admittedly, Eric Bana’s character as the sympathetic villain in 2009’s Star Trek was completely overshadowed by Cumberbatch’s performance. Using only his Angel of Islington’s voice, an insane gleam in his eyes, his very upper class posture and the way he move that separates him from the rest of the characters which provide an even comparison to Quinto’s Spock down to his cold calculating deliverance with his lines. The screen literally smoulders when Cumberbatch came into the scenes.


While the rest of the primary Star Trek casts were limited by their attempts to be faithful representations of the characters, somehow Cumberbatch intensity help strengthening the movie’s plot. Albeit it was a darker version of 2009’s Star Trek, less like a space opera like the original series, luckily the ending of this movie in a way ensures the survivability of the series. I wouldn’t be surprised there would be a third Star Trek movie after this.


As for the rest of the cast, since I missed out on the first part of the movie, I was a bit lost to sum the movie up because by the time I was in the theater, I skipped the beginning part and only see when Kirk got demoted because he saved Spock’s life.

Chris Pine’s Kirk was now a more faithful version of ST:TOS’s Kirk. He became a more matured natural born leader than the overgrown teenager in the first movie. Spock and Uhura’s relationship were tested which leads to a funny interchange between these two characters. But unfortunately these left me to wanting more than just comic humor. 

Weirdly, in some moments, Quinto does look like Leonard Nimoy in some light and Leonard Nimoy gave a small guest scene which does reminisce “Fringe” with his willingness to come out of retirement just because he love his character. Unfortunately, Uhura was reduced to be a side character. Wished there was more scenes of hers than the one in Kronos but I know this was more a wishful thinking considering the bulk of male characters into the screen. But she did save everyone butt’s at some point of the movie.

There were a bunch of funny scenes like between Karl Urban’s Bones and John Cho’s Hikaru Sulu when Sulu give a very out of character threatening message to John Harrison in which the rest of the Enterprise’s crew look at him in an awkward silence and fear.  That was priceless.

I like that John Cho choose to give his character one of those accidentally funny moments without breaking his poker face which was not unlike George Takei’s character. But I wish Karl Urban’s character could have been prolonged but his continuous mothering on Kirk. But all these interactions remained to be some of the memorable part of the movie which tell a lot about the friendship Kirk with the rest of the fleet.

There’s also an introduction of a new character, Carol Marcus who in the alternate timeline was once Kirk’s significant other. But the play between Bones and Carol hinted a future of possibilities unlike the alternate timeline. There’s also a continuation problem with Carol at the end but with unclear storytelling, there’s could only be one thing; more sequel.

However, if not for Benedict Cumberbatch, the movie would have been received even more negative criticism as it depended so much on sentiment from Star Trek franchise. But I’ve seen the wealth of information around the Star Trek world from National Science Centre’s exhibition and even with the limited Star Trek trivia, I was quite disappointed and empty after finishing the movie which I do blame on worldbuilding. But its hard to compress an entire lifetime worth of Star Trek into very time-limited movie.

I sincerely hope there would be a third movie to tie the story together as the plot centered too much around John Harrison’s mysteries and the subplots. But I wonder if it would take another five years for this to happen.


By the end of the night, I do gruff about the things I hate about the screening. The censorship in weird places like in between dialogues and scenes. My heart cried at the thought of millions of taxpayer’s money spent on censorship stupid things in a movie. 

But if you’re wondering whether its worth watching 3D or 2D… if you prefer high definition, go for 2D since the 3D does blurred a lot of things and there were some scenes that was too blurry for your 3D glasses but if you like watching Benedict Cumberbatch on 3D….. WATCH IT ON 3D!!! Nothing is better than a smexxy complete psychopatic Sherlock on 3D.





The crazy Trekkie who can’t sleep unless she fangirl Cumberbatch out of her system…

Will do a continued review on the plot analysis, the dialogues and the scenes when I watch it again with my sister.

P/s : I went to Star Trek : The Exhibition last Christmas and I didn’t blog it at all since it was the time where I had my wisdom tooth infection and I was too preoccupied by that. I will blog about it later

P/p/s: I was quite annoyed by GSC staff kept watching at the side since I was sitting at the side where the guy was standing and looking at the audience. Its like the big brother’s watching you. I heard some staff told someone to shut their phone off. I’ve been to Quarantine and The Immortals pre-screening and this is quite by far, the most distracting pre-screening I’ve ever been. Its 3D movie, how on earth someone would want to record that.  As due to the seating issues there were a lot of late comers. Thankfully, the movie is quite engaging enough for me to ignore the occasional people standing in front of me.


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