Malaysian General Election 2013 : Story of A ‘First-Time’ Voter

I’ve been trying to keep politics off my blog but this is probably one of the historical moment this year and tweeting is getting redundant.

I woke up around fajr and listen in the discussions my parent had every morning. Then I entertain my nephew who is an unnaturally morning person unlike an owl like me. I read some random bits from my Kindle and surf the web and then my dad excitedly shooed me to the bathroom and then I slap on SPF moisturizer and head off to my sister’s and niece’s school with a final word from my dad “Balik sendiri.” -____- as usual

ScreenHunter_23 May. 05 10.54

I’m the only sibling in this family who don’t go to school here. I’ve spent my earlier grade schooling in a kampung school at Sungai Nibong, Penang and the rest in a girl Assunta school in Kuantan. Naturally, my sister was the one who kept recognizing her older friends among the voters today while I kept myself busy reading from Kindle.

It was around after 8am and there’s already a long line of people stretching out from the school. My eldest sister who came with me (we’re the only two siblings who registered anyway) kept mumbling about how inept the SPR people especially since we’re in the line with elderlies. My sister did volunteer work for the GE in the years before and was rather annoyed with the SPR folks who stare at the line until someone went to the front and made the SPR folks arrange another line for the elders. Surprisingly majority of the voters in which I’m surrounded was mostly 40 and above. The 1 and 2 lines are longer than my 4th counter. Even the 4th booklet which the SPR folks cross out my name seems unnaturally thin (anyone above 21 to mid 30s I guess).

I know you want to be non-partisan, I am non-partisan myself but I am well acquainted with history to know the right to vote has a long bloody history to be ignorant about. Especially for a woman voter. But whatever happen, I did my right as a Malaysian citizen today.


I went to the farthest side of the school and waited a bit before I was called in and got my finger painted blue and two vote for Parliamentary and DUN seats. I clumsily cross the required squares with my right hand as the painted left finger is quite wet. In fact, its stinky and the lady lather mine thick so it does have a hard time staying on my finger. I tried washing it off with regular shower cream and it still sticks and again….


I know there are folks trying hard to wash off the ink and succeeded but I have enough time doing Hematoxylin and Eosin staining to know the time when the ink could be delible and when it became indelible. I am a clumsy girl so every time I accidentally stain my hands with these stains, I immediately dunk a tissue into 100% ethanol solution to clean the stains off or it will be days before the mark fades. Considering I’m not in the mood to prove anything, I just let the thing sits and yes, it do work if you let it be.

This ink stains the cell of your skin, if you’re quick to use ethanol, it can be wash off but it seeps into your cells and it will take days for it to shed. I am well trained in staining procedures, I’ve stained blood, bone marrow, organs and these ink is quite similar. In fact, India ink is one of the stains in bacteriology for Cryptococcus sp.

This is where I really question why the opposition fighting hard to make these stains compulsory instead of biometric scans. Why can’t we fight for the SPRM to use electronic voting system? Really, this can diminish the damaged ballots considerably. Of course until someone hack it.

Besides, while it was still drying, I have the unnatural need to scratch my face from morning allergies so I have a tissue handy. But really, I was this close to have a blue-stained cheeks…

Irony of it, I voted a bunch of time before. My actual first time as a voter was during matriculation and I vote for the rest of my four years during university. The process isn’t much any different than what I went through today so considering it was technically my fifth time voting event, I was quite unenthusiastic about it even if its for the General Election. 

If you’re on my twitter, you know I was very displeased by some things from the former KJ administration. Like the PKNS field affair, making road changes for the Paradigm Mall (making the road ‘slimmer’ and cause bottleneck traffic jams), pedestrian unfriendly town, increases in daylight crime, dengue fever (ironically, we saw someone make road barrier which collect rain water near the rehab facility), more trees get cut down then you give me crap about being environmentally-friendly, inept MBPJ in collecting trash and lack road or street maintenance, water shortage and etc.

You heard how some kids got kidnapped, some girl got kidnapped and raped, some folks got parang-ed, some folks got their windshield broken and robbed during a red light etc. These happens right nearby actually… and its disconcerting.

Problem is, the Kelana Jaya constituent consisted with the Subang Jaya folks. A large part of the work that the elected person did was to cater the developed part of the city and that residential area but not this town. Kelana Jaya is actually a small residential town consisting just SS3, SS4, SS5, SS6, and SS7. We’re not the rest of Subang, Bandar Utama or Sunway where these are newer towns and are largely more developed and economically viable than here. Irony that is, we have our own stadiums and community facilities which ‘they’ always use for their political rallies these past few years.

I give you one example. This morning picture from a Facebook friend shows how ‘well’ these people meant about wanting change.


This is from the last night’s event and you could already see the usual ‘never going to change’ thing….

Honestly, I don’t give a crap about who get the government and what majority a place is but you could see how the alternative is not much better. Things does get worse and they always blame these on the BN government instead of themselves while chanting for more optimistic hope.

I’m being very very very skeptical with the whole funfair. But whatever the result be, I just hope this town don’t go to hell. But you could see where these goes. 

How I wish they separated the Kelana Jaya and Subang since its obviously that this place have been severely neglected.

Now I just want to watch the fallout tonight. Its going to get very interesting.


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