Heir Untamed (Latvala Royals #1) by Danielle Bourdon


There’s a reason why most Harlequins romance are barely a quarter of an average book size. It make the process of reading vacuous Mary Sues tolerable. In this case, we have a white blonde female character who is on the verge of poverty suddenly receive a monetary rewarding offer to shoot pictures for a royal family at the far side of the Atlantic for four months. Once there, she was swept by the landscape and scenery, encountered miserable royal family and at the attention of two male handsome smouldering admirers and also she collect enemies along the way.

I am not sure why I kept reading this book, probably due to my stubborn curiosity and wondering how the story goes from the weird unsynchronized dialogues to the excessive victimization of the female character. I do find its fascinating how a royal family could only afford one photographer for the entire duration instead of a team of photographer for half the price and time and how one have to go to America for a photographer. I tried to shut my basic logical deductions and try to barrage myself through the highs and lows of being Chey Sinclair where she meet boys, fall in love and have some girls having unnatural instant hatred towards her (its either that or unnatural instant friendship, what is wrong with having a realistic female character in this genre?).

I find that if the story was shortened to a basic plot about someone falling in love and some conflict, it would have work instead of a very lengthy book with uneven pacing and awkward dialogues with multiple moments of redundancies. Then I found out that the book is a trilogy of the same diary of a Mary Sue story and I just give up. There’s not enough plot or intrigue for the series to go on unless you’re a die hard fan of the author and love Mary Sues main character and think every woman as scheming bitches who is out to kill you with their jealous glares. I, however, have a hard time to place myself as a Mary Sue considering I am not a white blond girl with no personality to begin with.

Last word on this book, you don’t just interrupt a guy driving with a kiss. It sounded ‘romantic’ until you got yourself and the guy you’re kissing killed.


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