Bound by the Night (Bound #4) by Cynthia Eden


I realize this series sound like something out of the erotica line but don’t fear. Its quite a light average paranormal romance. Despite an earlier storyline from Bound in Death, Bound by the Night have similar plot but more unpolished version of Bound in Death. In this novel, we’re introduced to the vampire queen Iona who have been under a curse by a werewolf for 15 years until she was released by another werewolf Jamie who bound her to feed only on his blood.

Upon regaining her freedom, she have to decide who to trust despite all her long years and to unleash her revenge from the vampires of her who betrayed her and those who wanted her to powers. But for that to happen, both of the vampire and werewolf need to work out as some secrets threaten to set them apart.

Personally, I do like the author’s way of writing her characters despite the undeniable similarity of her subsequent novel. In a way, I think its still an attempt by the author to find her way through by making the story convincing. I do like Iona better than Kiera but as for execution, Kiera is wonderful as a well developed character than Iona. I think because its a self-published work which obviously have some flaws in it but for a short read, it does make an interesting reading for the price.

Since I do see that her recent work somewhat improved, I will check out some of her work. I do see she’s getting even better at it than the average household name who kept churning the same stories all over again. Probably still my best author find in kindle store.


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