Moonlight : The Darkest of Night by *Yours Truly*


This isn’t a book review… more like an announcement or something.Image

Truth to be told, I never like the fanfiction bandwagon despite my sisters loving the whole thing. But due to the recent Veronica Mars Movie announcement, I was back to be enamoured by Jason Dohring. I watched Moonlight years ago during my early days of university and quite pissed about it being cancelled especially when there’s a lot of unanswered plot and stuff. I rewatched it again and the feeling of dissatisfaction came again.

So I made another account (I have one I made when I was a teenager but I have a policy to avoid my cringe-inducing teenage writings. I can rewrite them all but I’m not going to reread them all.) and decided to make a continuation of the series set in 2013. Considering, my last attempt on making fanfiction was 2004, I hope my fanfic writing is somewhat better now.

Yes, its for the April NaNoWriMo. I got really uninspired these days but the graph need to be consistent! (Yeah, it works)


Since I don’t want to monetizing it, my Moonlight TDoK series is going to be one of those published NaNo project for my readers (I’m still weird by this anyway) who want a taste of this sad headcase’s writings (or draft.. whatever). Because you lot know I call myself a writer but I kept evading giving out my current writing samples and it does get frustrating after a long while so this is where you should go if you’re curious. Pure serialized draft to feed your own curiosity that isn’t on Quillster.

The main casts are still my favourite people like Alex O’Loughlin (Hawaii Five-0), Sophia Myles (Outlander) and Jason Dohring (Ringer, Veronica Mars) but I decided to include one major kick ass overly sarcastic woman in the mix which is a vampire huntress named Dara and add more mythology in it and make Josef a main character than a side character. Because a 414 years old vampire deserve more spotlight than our customary vanilla couple. Oh.. yeah, Dara is somewhat a love interest in which Josef going to work extra hard seducing.


However, its not going to be a procedural crime drama, instead its going to be your above average Urban Fantasy with blood and action and stuff. There’s a lot of episodic police procedural that I enjoyed but I don’t want to drag the story away from its charm.

For this project, I’m tweaking the tv mythology and add my own mythology. So in a way, the continuation is sort of canon but an original fiction. Again, I insist, I’m never ever going to publish it in a book and put some BDSM thing in it. Yes, its adult series but not really that overt fantasizing things or make slash or something. Its just not healthy for me.

Because Moonlight does carry the same VampireXHuman trope that other recent vampire stories have (True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight). I’m expanding the series more than your average vampire romance. Okay.. not to the level of those TV series. I’m not a team of writing panel okay. But its not going to be the same as the original first season, particularly the dialogues (obviously). Take it a noir version of Moonlight and less-Twilight (FYI, thats Moonlight original name).

This time, Sarah (Josef’s love who dont wake up until the end of season 1) is the antagonist of the large part of this project. I just don’t feel Sarah suitable character for Josef. Especially a perfect female vanilla (sleeping beauty) character like her. Besides he have the most character dimension in the series that are best to be explored further… And a vanilla character vampire is starting to sound like Bella. So, no, I’m not a SarahXJosef shipper. This treatment goes to both Mick X Beth, I love them both but its not going to be this easy.

Will there be Coraline and the rest? Well, I’m still deciding.

And this is going to be a weekly serial and the first chapter is out tonight and the continuation will be on every five days. One thing I learn from NaNoWriMo, self imposed deadlines work.


Besides nothing is better when Jason Dohring became a supernatural. A vampire and a time god (see Supernatural). Frankly, I really enjoy writing him as I enjoy seeing him act. I did really enjoy the character Josef Kostan despite all his flaws. Again I am campaigning to see more Jason Dohring in my tv. Good tv actors are hard to come by.

And I probably will need to watch more H50 if I’m going to keep this up. Hmm

This post is just a disclaimer from a fan who really hate to see things hanging and want a better ending for the favourite character and was fueled by Veronica Mars marathon.

If any of you haven’t watch Moonlight yet, well.. its not as polished as the rest of the current vampire tv series but its fun when it last.


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