The Darkest Day (Immortal Heat #1) by Britt Bury


There’s a lot of issue in this book that far outweighs the abysmal plot it have. Just a word of warning, if you like Twilight fanfiction, maybe you will love this book. If you like Fifty Shades of Grey but hated the ‘BDSM’ in it, maybe this would suffice. To me, there’s nothing in the world more saddening than having to read these kind of characters again and this is the moment where I would have wanted some warning with those “If you love Twilight and 50 Shades then you will love this…” labels.

Apparently the story started with a Pookah on a revenge against the Fionn Clan Campbell because they slaughtered his family. So Kelvin Kerr vow to kill every last bit of the family. Some thousand years later, he found the heir of the clan and wanted to kill him until he saw that its a girl. And for some reason, the ‘ugly’ blonde girl magically changed into a brunette human and was overwhelmed by this bombardment of human emotions. Apparently, she’s a pure human and last of her kind in the world where everyone is a supernatural creature. This would have gone into a beautiful reading relationship filled with smut had <s>Bella Swan</s> Izel doesn’t became that Special Snowflake she is.

One of the major issue I had was the character Izel. I suppose its a trend for authors to make a virginal airhead girl to mirror the readers in a way which said a lot about writer herself who think her readers is dumb enough for that. I for one, have no problem with virginal girl since I am one and one of the reason why this is laughably bad was the intention of providing the male character a virgin so that one could reintroduce themselves again with the idea of sexually incompetent and the eventual exploration.

If this book was plain erotica, this would suffice but no, it is a very lengthy novel about a virginal born-again human falling in love with a boar shapeshifter in completely nonsense plot just to have them exuding emotions and their feelings and trying not to hump on each other because there’s a magical prophecy with the girl who apparently a superhuman herself since she’s not completely human either.

As for Kelvin Kerr who was supposed to be this powerful alpha male that was said to rival the alphas of “Immortal After Dark”, I can’t find a single moment worth likable about the male character. He is like a mesh between emotionally needy and abusive and borders on having a sexual predator personality. There’s a couple of scenes in this book that was supposed to bring conflict in the plot but end up being totally out of context and overly non-sexy. Izel decided to go into a bar alone because she have this magical potion that hide her scent and then baiting Kelvin with other men so that he would feel jealous. And then later Kelvin suddenly throw some verbal insults or ‘hurtful’ words to Izel and then Izel bolts away and then Kelvin said he’s lying and that he like her more than a lot and basically molesting her even when she said “No” but then the writing were like “she means yes” when she said “No”. Add to that, his dialogues is completely illegible. Was it suppose to be a Scottish romance or just spelling errors to make it sound like an accent?

This book is a mess of confusion and mixed signals and virtually emotionally problematic characters and riddled with immature dialogues that made me question whether my sense of humor has gone AWOL. If you regularly read Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy and aren’t one of those chic-lit jump shippers, reading this would be disaster.


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