Coursera’s The Ancient Greeks


Greek mythology is one of the great part that I learn last year. Considering there’s a bunch of other Courseras that I just un-enroll, I’m giving this a chance.

Since most of the history I learn at Malaysian school only scratch the surface of these massive wealth of civilization, this is great for those who like something more than just a short page in Sejarah PMR about “Zaman Yunani”.

Not to mention, most of the references according to this era is largely appropriated, and its much better to learn from the university professor himself.

There’s really not much reading material in this course (like, you dont need to get Iliad, Odyssey, and various other rare poetry and play). But its much better than just learning the Greeks from watching Spartacus (ROMAN!!!!) and 300.

If you like reading a lot of fiction relating to Greek stuff like I do, you would like this 101 course.


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