Two More Sundays to April Camp NaNoWriMo 2013


After seeing all these blogs by other writers, it occurred to me that I haven’t been writing about writing stuff in this blog since late last year I think. Usually if I’m not surfing, brushing up my baking skills, ranting on twitter and reading and writing book reviews (which is by the way, I’ve written around 349 book reviews to date…. I wonder if I could archive everything pre-May 2012 in this blog.. I think I could totally publish several books just on my book reviewing hobby alone) I would be in front of my Scrivener with my third generation version of my 2011’s thriller novel.

For an update on the current WIP which I left to ferment by mid-2012, somehow it just magically complicate itself into a serious story instead of being pulpy procedural stuff. Now it a story about “a tortured ex-cop traumatized by the lost of her child and found herself facing the death of her twin which she refused to accept it as an incident”. Subconsciously, I developed it into a depressing and almost non-fictional in nature with drama, woman issues, deaths and dealing with the consequences. It is a crime fiction but a bit more than that.

Why I’m still writing it? I don’t know. I just found there’s a lot of areas that need to improve and most often I woke up every other night thinking about loose ends and unventured developments and current stuff that kept me muddling around. I don’t want to think about publishing it yet but so far its nearing completion. I had more people around places asking for it but I kept it mum so far. Clue to you, not every writers have a legion of offline people supporting one’s writing endeavour, I have daily non-writer issues of my own too.

But I love writing and as always I’m still doing it even when I try to escape it (What do you think I was doing playing around learning to become a respectable medical professional – obviously thats not happening). So, what the hell, if you love what you’re doing it, just keep on doing it.

Now, there’s an April camp for NaNoWriMo coming around in less than 2 weeks, and this time I’m joining in. I had many busy Aprils in the last few years (coincidentally, April is examination months all the time), and now I am doing another project which was sort of writing exercise at the same time.


I have several story ideas that I had on random times and I never seem to be occupied to finish all of them so instead of coming up with another novel draft, I’m making a series of multi-genre novella stories. Either 3k or 5k or 10k each stories.

The first one was a UF about a broken marriage where the husband who wished to ‘fix’ his absent and distant wife. (Just go to the picture link above for the synopsis). Then a psychological horror set in a forest (based on Slender Game… of course. Thank a Mr Bishop for that), dystopia version of Kuala Lumpur where it rains acid all the time and where half the peninsula flooded from the rising sea level, a scifi-superhuman story about a pyrokinetic girl, a horror fantasy about the rise and fall of a dark fae necromancer (side story from my 2012 NaNo), a fantasy story about a boy who found out that he’s a missing heir of the throne, a love story about childhood ‘innocent stalkerish’ love, a drama about a dysfunctional family in early 60s Singapore, a medical horror centered around a man who had less than 12 hours to die, an alternative dimension fantasy where a slayer jump through dimension to kill demons, a paranormal romance story about a thief tied to a vampire king’s bed and some others along the way.

Yes, I’ve noticed the bulk (thats why its called ‘Other Stories’). Actually, a few of these are older stories. Stuff I have written before but never quite finished yet and a lot of them is in my broken laptop, so I’m rewriting the drafts again (yes, I will remind myself to make backups but its not really a big deal since I created all of it). The point is to create a three arc story and to not get bored (depressed) with my current WIP novel which at times gets into my psyche.

If I couldn’t finish all of these stories, I planned on continuing on to July NaNoWriMo camp.

As usual, I don’t want to think about publishing them even if you beg for it.  Although, I recently did send one short story to a publisher out of impulse on the day I finish it but we’ll see where that goes.

Oh, yes, I’m still reading for my 250 books challenge and writing book reviews along the way because after last November I had it enough with trying to catch up on reviewing. I won’t bar myself from review writing because catching up when you’re least enthusiastic about is quite time consuming.

NaNoWriMo camps have these writing cabin stuff but I don’t think I’m joining in those unless someone else from NaNoWriMo Malaysia wanted some additional encouragement.  Since even the several NaNos, I don’t use the forums and instead depend on Facebook regular updates. If you are a local Petaling Jaya writer who want to join in and wanted weekly write-ins like we had with November, I could do that too.

I would stick to 50k = 1.6k daily word count as usual. Nothing 100k shmancy.

Btw, I get a lot of folks frown on NaNoWriMo stuff. Tell you the truth, I write everyday, no NaNoWriMo or NaNoWrimo. I can choose to not push words or just simply not doing anything to gather strength to write during uninspired days. No one is pointing guns at you. You just unleash your story writing skills. Good writers, beginner writers, veteren writers all is meaningless labels.

Just write, buli bah kalau kau.




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