Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (Episode 1 : London Above)


Last night around 12pm, I was taken by chance when I saw Neil Gaiman retweeted this tweet

and I realized… the time and then…. wait… its NOWWW?!??!?!?

and by the time I realized what  time in UK with my current time and… I just found out I just missed the broadcast while asking folks around…

200 (33)

ScreenHunter_16 Mar. 17 18.23

I’m so sadddddddd….. went around the BBC site and ask some British folks and calculating what time is 1800 on Sunday (which btw 2 am in Malaysia :((( )  and was lamenting how unlucky I was when suddenly an hour later after watching last The Vampire Diaries episode…

ScreenHunter_15 Mar. 17 18.18

200 (60)


I went back to the site and noticed something new!!

ScreenHunter_13 Mar. 17 18.05


ScreenHunter_16 Mar. 17 18.25


I guess, the main point of this post is just to remind folks about how awesome BBC is again. Cheeeers!!

ScreenHunter_16 Mar. 17 18.44

However, since the future broadcast for Neverwhere is around 2am my time, I just need to remind you lot since if you’re crazy enough to stay up late next few days to listen to live broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra…. well.. aren’t I always… then we can ‘geng’.. hurhur

ScreenHunter_17 Mar. 17 19.05

Luckily, BBC radio allows worldwide listener unlike the usual “not available in your region” pain that I usually get. What a godsend. And its available to listen for A YEAR. As for today, I’ve listen to the first episode… five times already. Oh dear, its good.

Now, you want to know why I fussed about all these? Ehem…

James McAvoy as Richard lead a stellar cast which includes Natalie Dormer, David Harewood, Sophie Okonedo, Benedict Cumberbatch, Christopher Lee, Anthony Head, ,David Schofield Bernard Cribbens, Romola Garai, George Harris, Andrew Sachs, Lucy Cohu, Johnny Vegas, Paul Chequer, Don Gilet and Abdul Salis.

Remember I am a British show buff?



Ever since I watch my mom watch Children of Dune at the now defunct Hallmark channel back in 2003 or 2004, I always have a thing with James McAvoy. Then after Chronicles of Narnia, The Last King of Scotland, Becoming Jane, Penelope, Atonement, Wanted, The Last Station, X-Men…. practically he’s gold now. I always enjoy how he approached his character with a particular archetypal average guy and then suddenly he brought intensity in the screen plus that accent of his. ❤ I was a bit heartbroken when he got married too. Hmm…

I have watched Starter for 10 which he acted together with Benedict Cumberbatch and then again in Atonement. I remember how I hate Cumberbatch in Atonement until I watched Sherlock years ago. Gosh, he’s that good. I can’t wait for his turn in the drama as The Angel Islington. Cumberbatch sings too!

Natalie Dormer from The Tudors (she’s in Game of Thrones too) and she’s more convincing as Anne Boleyn, David Harewood from Homeland, Sophie Okonedo from Aeon Flux (and also BBC’s “Mayday” which just ended its first season recently) who I seem to channel Sithandra’s fight scenes to Hunter.

And Christopher Lee (!!!!), remember I listen to Ian McKellan in Fagles’s Homer’s The Odyssey.. this just completes everything!!

The infamous David Schofield who is convincingly as Vandemar.

And Anthony Head!! Oh dear, I was like.. “omg omg Giles” when the first scene came! and… … … he’s bad guy again… great. oh well.. GILES!! (always Buffy Fangirling)

Romola Garai is another Atonement cast who plays Briony. First time I listen in, I mistook her as Door and Dormer as Jessica.

Funnily, Dormer herself geek out like me.


One of the saddest things is… its radio play… I want a proper BBC Drama…. its just that good people!!

And curiously, the play doesn’t have any ADVERTISEMENT at all. Even in local Malay radios, there’s always radio plays with advertisement in between.

Oh… another point of this post was people kept asking me about Neverwhere. Just click on the screencaps and it will go straight to the site.


Coincidentally, I have Neverwhere in my kindle for… like.. forever. I like Neil Gaiman but I always love his adaptations and his screenplay and his work with Dave McKean. Finally I have a reason to read this book now which I will continue reading until the end of each episodes. I just don’t want spoilers and enjoy the drama along with the book.

The first episode, London Above, introduced us to Richard Mayhew a Scotsman who live an average working guy life in London who is charitable to a fault. At the same time, we’re introduced to a pair of villainous characters, Mr Vandemar and Mr Croup who is stalking after Lady Door who had a gift to open any door. When Richard went down to help the injured Door, that kind decision would change his life forever to the underworld life of London.

That does sound like Kittredge’s Black London series too! Minus a cop and a mage, of course.

With the book and the audioplay, unlike film format, it does wonders to the imaginations as you’re not restricted by the cinematography of the medium. You are free to imagine the settings but BBC cleverly play with the music and the sounds. McAvoy is particularly convincing as Richard and curiously… he’s acting instead of narrating. Thats just wonderful.


The greatest cast in a radioplay.

And it is not an exaggeration. Everyone is acting like you’re listening to a movie without the seeing the movie. Its that good even an audiobook-hater like me abso-bloody-complete-lutely loving it.


Now, you’re not living under a rock right?

Go. Listen. To. It. Now.


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