Thrown by a Curve (Play by Play #5) by Jaci Burton


Surprisingly, I sort of like it again. This series have pretty uneven pacing and characterization but it managed to be intriguing as well. Although I like Burton even more when she include supernatural in her romance but this time, I was quite impressed by her way of making sports interesting enough to say the least. Add some romance and hot stuff, you definitely got this book right.

Thrown by a Curve started of by a brooding injured player who gone disgruntled over his shoulder injury that he think about quitting until one of the sports therapist challenged her other seniors and him with a promise that he will pitch by the coming next season. There’s some baseball terms which I never familiarized with so it does made me curious to the end of the book. I’m neither a sports fan so I guess this is enough as a decent sports wiki for me. Of course, its a romance novel…

This time, I like the characterization of Garrett more than the earlier novels in the series (which I only remember their name as they read like the same character all over again). Alicia Riley is a no-nonsense girl which Garrett always admire about her and their hotheadedness complemented with each other and these made them behave rather naturally with their work and the eventual personal relationship. In between them, we’re introduced to more future characters in the series which one of them will lead in the next novel.

I find both character have these sort of dry humor and humanity within them that made it feel they’re more less like a fictitious characters. They both made mistakes and both of them don’t have it easy between them and the heat is subtle enough that made reading the non-sex part of the book quite unnecessary and at time, intrusive and funny at the weirdest place. In the end, its a cute story even when it have some serious heat in between the story arches.


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