of December : Reading Challenge 2012, Review-Writer’s Block and “The Agony of the Third Molar”

Since NaNoWriMo 2012, the amount of reviewing dwindled, particularly because I concentrate on writing my own stuff that are not meant to be put into internet thus it look like I haven’t been productive at all. Curiously, my stats shows substantial page counts so I began this post by saying that I’m very sorry about my abysmal writing frequency and I shall be more punctual next year.

Although I haven’t been writing reviews lately (mostly due to the amount of the books I read surpasses my reviewing rate – I’m a fast reader and a moderately slow writer), I regularly update my twitter and my Goodreads – so if you’re curious about what I’m doing besides reading trashy novels- just follow me on either of the channel.

First, I need to show you the major reason why I have some problem with addressing my reviewing frequency.

ScreenHunter_46 Dec. 30 05.29

Because of NaNo, I backlogged my reviews (last review post is actually my 194th book). As you could see, I’ve already finished my 2012 challenge but writing brought out my reading addict-self, hence why I had problem in keeping up writing my November books. On December, basically I have blockade with review writing since I was busy with my current WIP that writing/critizising/gushing about books seems to take a back seat priority.

Thankfully, reading a lot helps with my memory. I will caught up with the reviews when I had some energy for them.

There should be a National Blog Writing Month on December after NaNoWriMo fiasco. Poor blog.

Now I know what 2013 resolution would be priority next year.

Second, my 24th birthday come and past… last 20th of December….

This is my birthday cake. I make my own birthday cake. Score me.

Actually since its 20/12/2012, my sister and mom were like “This is a nice day for you to get married” and I was like….


but I was looking forward for blood rain and zombies but whatever… the world disappoint me of a pre-apocalypse adventure… thanks

third, we went to Star Trek : The Exhibition last Christmas.

<– the pic was actually 3D pic which make you disappear at certain angle.

It was awesome. I will post about it later…

Apparently, my brother in law didn’t eat that morning (why?) and kinda pissed with us on that day.

But honestly as honestly I could say…..I can’t say I was sorry that he’s mad that he’s hungry the whole day….. because….. I was feeling this on that whole day…. actually… since Sunday if you want to be specific.

If someone is mad that he’s hungry, the whole time I was in agony. Serious agony. For three days…. (it actually went to six days of extreme pain)

I felt like someone hit me with a sledgehammer the whole time I was there. I was actually nearly overdosing on Panadol because of the pain which I thought it would go away like it always do and I thought it was enough for me to go there and back but… nope.

When the pain increases, I tried fangirling. Nope. Talking. Nope. Standing up. Nope and when I got back, I actually ran to the kitchen for more painkillers.

That is how I felt on that day.

Eternal purgatory. Which is coincidentally what I’ve been writing later the next day.

I’m sorry I can’t be sympathetic. With the amount of pain I felt, I just can’t.  When I think back, I am amazed that the whole day, while I was complaining on twitter for days, I never actually say anything out loud about it. Let alone cry.

The most frustrating thing that I could come up with; was people don’t even care until I said I have to go to surgery for it. That does shut a lot of people up.

What pain are you wondering about? This….

ScreenHunter_47 Dec. 30 06.00

I didn’t actually want to go to the exhibition on that day since I woke up with horrendous pain, again, and my parents were like “Sakit, pergi dentist la. Nanti dia cabut.” and “Kalau bernanah, nanti dia picit sampai keluar” and etc. And you wonder why I didn’t go to the doctor sooner… actually that was exactly why people are more afraid going to the dentists in the first place.

But being a Leonard Nimoy fan, I just have to and I’m glad that I did since even if I had gone to a dentist, its Christmas, nothing is opening anyway and I get to see awesome stuff about Star Trek stuff and pictures!

So…. here’s what I could sum up about my pretty painful week that I was having. Its literally, week.

Now, I am obviously aware that I have really high pain tolerance.

I know a lot of people are fine with having four wisdom tooth. I might be one of them too if my last erupting tooth doesn’t cause me problems.

Problem is…. you don’t know what will happen. So, if you have some pains, go see a dentist for a consultation and possibly an x-ray.

The first time I could remember about having this pain was when I had these feeling at the back of my throat. I woke up in the middle of the night, coughing like something got stuck behind my throat. Later, I felt like I had stones behind my tongue and I tried to wash the feeling by upping my dental hygiene. Obviously, it didn’t work. I think I have some flu then…

I make some buns which I could hardly eat since I started to have these teeth pain. I’m used to regular wisdom tooth problem so I didn’t take it seriously.

Until I started to feel like my gums is killing me. All of them like I had scurvy or something. I read up on gingivitis and stuff and nearly thought I have periodontitis because my gums are all red and bleeding. Horrifyingly, I know.

I thought the infection would clear up if I tried brushing and using mouth wash. Here’s the thing boys and girl, it dont work.

I could feel my gum’s getting too sensitive that I have to cut out the pointy edge of my toothbrush to brush and it HURTS! Because I studied in UKMKL, I have a bunch of dental friends so I use soft bristles for years and suddenly my toothbrush felt like hard bristles. What even worst, my gum started to fall off.. literally.. its started to ulcerate and it purplish-reddened and bleeding and drying up that its paaaaaaaaainful.

And I was totally freaked out. For days…. especially when it got worse and worse.

Then my sister (the doctor) tried to reason to me about why her hubby went mad at PSN and I was on the bed, reading a bad novel (which I will review) and heavily drugged on paracetamol (sorry liver) and trying not to cry out and then I snapped. I too was not in a mood on that day, I might be fangirling and walking around but I was in continuous pain since Sunday (and it was Wednesday so I was already like in pain for 96 hours then) and I said something about my tooth pain in the lines of  “like a car hitting my face” thing, my sis said this “Is it the wisdom tooth? You should go to the dentist, it can affect the nerve you know.”

And dude, the internet are not kidding about wisdom tooth and nerve injury.

Now….my pain apparently is real and not a fucking exaggeration.

And you know what, the next day, I suffered another day in total agony because my dad don’t want to send me to a basic dental clinic consult and opt for the government polyclinic nearby. Because of these “buat apa pergi klinik lain, kena bayar rm80 membazir je”.

Problem is, the outpatient thing is on the AFTERNOON. So, I have to wait all morning just to wait all afternoon until 4pm to see the doctor because apparently while my dad who took my number had told the nurse that I want a tooth extraction that the nurse put me in the last room where the doctor receive older patients who want dental extraction. I think I had told several times that wisdom tooth is a surgical case but… no……

and what pissed me off  is my number skipped a couple of times that people later than me get to see the doctor. I only want a consult and drugs. So I have to wait for 3 hours in pain because the bastard ojisan kept fidgeting in his chair and I had to calm myself without any pain relieving…anything… because the pain get even worse especially since I had to watch the goddamn Philippines telenovela on a broken television. (conclusion: Filipino use broken English like we do and main character mary sue, THAT is no Prince Charming. If he let his bitchy girlfriend boss around him like that, he have issues that you shouldn’t go after)

I didn’t even spend more than 3 minutes in the room when my doctor told me kinda like this.

“The problem is was your upper wisdom tooth is pressing against the lower infected gum and it causes pain. But if the infection get worst, it can affect your nerve and you can die because it can affect your breathing nerve. Means if you haven’t come sooner, you can die because of asphyxiation  I will give you some antibiotics and if the infection goes above the head. Just go to the university hospital. Maybe they’ll extract two tooth but you’ll need surgery to get the bottom out.”

Damn… should have gone to dentist way earlier for drugs… no.. I’m not Greggory House. The basic prescription for my case is actually antibiotics and painkiller which I get on that day but when the nice lady look at my wisdom tooth and nodded like “yep, thats the infection”.. and then surgery….

Later when I getting my meds, the pharmacist asked for my name and since both of my wisdom teeth’s gums had swollen that I can’t close my jaws. All I could say was “Nur Sya(french for ‘r’)ira” and the girl was like “huh?” and I give a sigh and tried it again. Her expression on the face was priceless.

and later when my dad came to pick me up.. my mom were like “Cabut tak?”

I was like (still in pain and feverish, obviously) and one-word moody “Tak”

Mom’s frowning, “Cuci tak?”


Then I broke the bomb. “Dia bagi ubat. Kalau teruk, esok pergi UMMC. Benda ni kena surgery.”

and boys and girls.. ‘surgery’ word is a big thing. My parents look at me without saying anything like I was kidding….. and I’m not even kidding about it.

I know wisdom tooth is a surgical case. Obviously… if people can die having their wisdom teeth extracted (due to general anesthesia) and other surgical complication… that was a bit worrisome, aye?

So, I took my meds (I have a bunch of antibiotics and it look like candies bags) but because my painkiller is the delayed action type, the pain is bad even after I had taken the drugs…..so I decided to go to UMMC later.

And in the morning, I woke up to extreme pain.. again.

I said to my dad, I want to go to hospital and then my dad were like “ye la, mandi la.”


and my dad drop me off to UMMC (after saying he wont be picking me up home) and I was lost….. if I had interned at UMMC, I would know the place but no.. the place is old as UKMKL and is confusing. I actually went to dental faculty and went inside the hospital tower because I couldn’t find the faculty entrance. I actually waited at the registration of the hospital after the security guard says I need to go to register first and then the nurse says “This is for the GP cases. You need to go to dental faculty,” and I was like “But the guard says I need to register here,”  and the nurse was like “No. Just go to the faculty. Next to the (baby) delivery ward.”

So I walk again and found the entrance…. which is NOT the blue building!!!!!

The registration is RM5 for UMMC’s Dental Clinic and its pretty slightly way expensive than RM1 at UKMKL’s Dental Clinic and I was like (Should have gone to my faculty instead…) because I was alone… in pain… and basically… I don’t know anybody. At UKM KL, at least I know the place and the people and the doctor. And its a bit creepy…..

Luckily, because of my case, its actually went pretty fast. My name got called…. and they really like to confuse my name.. and I got X-ray with a cool sci-fi machine that have mirror and it whirl around my head and produce clear pic of my teeth. I didn’t even need to bite a plate like the one in UKM’s FGG. Awesome…

and then there’s a fire drill at the faculty right after I got x-ray-ed. Just my luck is it?

ScreenHunter_47 Dec. 30 07.25

Then I got referred to a specialist (hence the speedy treatment I got), the doctor is really nice and cute. LoL. I never knew met specialist that young.

By the way, the doctor began by telling me why I was hurting and then she offered me (as if I got choice) to extract the upper molar so that the gum would heal properly and she would clean my lower molar so it could speed up the healing process. Why I couldn’t have the lower surgery now is that it would take a long time to heal and she don’t want to risk it. I nodded and then she injected local anesthesia to my upper and lower gums.

I’m not kidding. Even I’m on my pain med, it fucking HURTS!!!! (That day I was filled with F-words anyway)

You could feel the needles entering between the roots of the teeth and like in the middle of the gum or something. It is a miracle that she could fit that huge ass syringe in my mouth. The doctor did said it should hurt and it was way worst on my lower infected gum (oh it sounds nasty). I didn’t cry out but I did slightly cry.. the bottom one hurts like a……

And then my mouth went numb. My lips went numb. They said its like cotton mouth but nope… it felt like the back of your throat started to paralyze. While the doctor is convincing the other cubicle about what she told me earlier, I was playing with my lips because I couldn’t feel anything and I stare at my X-ray and found interesting thing (well, the fact that I have complete set of teeth was amazing to her apparently).

Because I can read x-rays (from my anat and physio and pathology days… I do have a degree in biomedicine, duh), I found out, that my last erupting lower left wisdom tooth is actually pushing against my second lower left molar, my second molar is very slightly crooked because of my third molar.

I didn’t have a camera with me, but even if I don’t want to have a surgery and just let my gum suffer along until it heal, the lower wisdom tooth would have make the crowding worst as it would take a long time to erupt. My right wisdom  tooth was still covered by the operculum but its still erupting normally (after years like that). Takkan nak tunggu bertahun lagi, right? I did feel like my mouth feels full and apparently I’m not kidding about it, hmm….

Then the doctor started drilling my lower wisdom tooth. Its still not that dully erupted so she had to DIG to clean the tooth. And it hurts even MOAH…. Although it was anesthetized, I could still feel pain in my lower gum and it hurts so much. The doctor noticed me tearing up (I was reciting Bene Gesserit’s “Fear is a mindkiller. I shall not fear.” when the pain tune into a frequency that was excruciating) and thank god the upper molar is fully numb when the doctor use a huge instrument and start pulling at the teeth. I felt the teeth give away… kinda like someone pulling your elbows off but you don’t even feel the pain at all but you know its off….

And I bleed, I got gauzes and I got surgical appointment on Valentine’s Day… … you heard that right.. I just chuckled when the nurse put me on V-day.

The doctor offered me to bring the tooth home and I just look at it.. gross…. and left it. Unlike your baby tooth, adult tooth have roots in it. like tiny fangs… brrrrrr

And finally, my sense of humor came back. Apparently, I didn’t bring a lot of money and left my LRT card home so I had to call up my sister for some moolah. She can drive me back but then she said something about parking space and I just want moolah to go home. So… technically she’s my tooth fairy of the day. hehe…

Now, without my upper left molar, I could FINALLY close my mouth and chew without hurting my lower left gum. Its been days and finally I could eat chicken and rice. Do you know how many days since I eat anything properly?


So… for the duration of time, I ate crap, feeling crap, people seemingly finding joke in my condition, pain pain pain pain, have needles stuck between my gums, one toothless and another scheduled to be toothless, drugged and drinking blood like a vampire… its really not that bad… *nod*


I am happier now since I can close my mouth and eat properly. Thank God and the beautiful capable people in Dentistry.

I might be feeling unsure about the surgery after the gum heal.. (I still have antibiotics to take… now.. wait… why does I have more synamox than metronidazole? hmmmmmmm… btw, drugs made me wanna hurl and the amount that I have to take made me worry about my liver.. five pills… seriously?) but I better get it out than waiting for another recurrent infection.

If you have erupting wisdom teeth and don’t think it wouldn’t happen to you because you brush your teeth twice a day….. you’re wrong.

Here’s the thing. I have good dental hygiene.. not great but good. I have good teeth too, maybe slightly crooked and stuff but I took care of them.

I seldom eat candy but I do eat chocolate and stuff but not so much. Maybe once or twice a month (seriously) or when my nieces and nephew push food stuff to me. I brush for a couple of minutes in front of the mirror and have no bad breath. Like the doctor said, I have (errr… had) full set of teeth and had gone to dental clinic quite frequently for an old friend’s favor. All of my teeth including the erupting aren’t so severely impacted.

Problem is.. these things will happen to you because the flap over the blasted erupting teeth can’t be clean easily. Mouthwash don’t even reach that far (don’t let the tv advertisement fool you) and even in my case, it actually made my teeth worst.

Plus, until you get help, you cant know how your body would react if the infection go far to your nerve.

While volunteering for blood drive, I’ve seen people getting scared of being poked by needle. Just don’t. There’s much bigger needles out there waiting to be poked into your back. I have some needle fears too but I put it down firmly. Because I’ve seen sick babies getting poke like that in hospital and if the baby have to suffer through most of his/her life having her back bones poked for some marrow; You and I shouldn’t be so afraid with some drills or needles.

I have fears… I shall conquer it.

All of the dentists I’ve met are nice people. Don’t fear the dentist. And Wisdom Tooth infection can happen to everyone. Get check up when it  feels bad.

And gosh.. this is a long post….


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