The Pre-Sale of Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012

After a year of silence and the possible news of Big Bad Wolf never coming back, The Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012 opens its door again but this time in a much bigger venue than MAEPS. After struggling with the weekly online contests set by the organizer, I managed to procure two preview passes before the official opening date of 7th December. Last year, I managed to get the preview pass for the 2011’s BBW so I know what I’m going to expect this time around.


My niece Afia wanted to tag along with me to the sale and despite my insistence of keeping kids away from the sale (as a BBW veteran *the term that  my sister seems to like* I have experiences with children ), somehow I was quite relieved by the vastness of this venue. BTW, Afia did get hit by a board book but I managed to keep her out of harm’s way and she survived untraumatized, thankfully.

Note to everyone, the MIECC have children’s zone upstairs. Its a huge hall and there’s a huge playground above it. Okay, the place is now quite child-friendly but same problems arise when the crowd thickens. So, be sure to come early and avoid the lunch hours.



We had lunch at the shopping mall connected from the convention centre. And apparently, this is also the first time I entered “The Mines”. I never frequent Seri Kembangan except for BBW in 2010 and 2011’s firesale, the time where the whole biomedical science batch went on to the chocolate factory (yes, I remember having Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme in my head) and when I had to go to Palace of the Golden Horses for my final year dinner last year.

The place is like any other mall. It used to be one of the hippest mall when I was a teenager since its connected to Mines Wonderland. Well, Sunway Pyramid is lot nearer if I want to play ice skating, so I never found a need to go here. Except for now.

When I got my trolleys, we went back to the front door and I saw Bruce Wayne’s car. Apparently its a Lamborghini with Wolfie’s stickers on it. So this is where Selina Kyle kept the Lamborghini. In plain sight.


We had to queue to enter. Its not really a slow queue as the BBW’s minions are collecting the passes. Last year, they gave the pass back after making holes on them. I threw mine away because Alif (who was 1 years old then) gnawed onto it. Some people make it into collections so I guess, its collectible now?

IMG_0537 IMG_0539

There’s a map of the BBW venue. I managed to snap it before entering the hall.


And the sights…..


sea of books…

Was MAEPS and MIECC were any different? Well… MAEPS does feel like you’re in a concrete. MIECC does have that intriguing presence.. posh, I think.

The temperature was good, the music is good as there’s a DJ near the escalator that was where the playground set, smell of new books… and flash forward to a couple of hours later.

Afia is rather well behaved. I am impressed with how responsive she was with the books around her. She love it all and sometimes when she caught sight of something in pink, she would pick it up and look at me with that pleading look of hers.

And I was like “Okay”.. and okay I went… in the end, she have a collection of princess, fairies, disney and any other pink books.

Boy she look happy. I was actually crumpling down under the weight of these books. I thought I had worst with my own hardcovers? Kid’s books are more worse to your back. I was dragging my trolley and it actually weights a tonne. LOL


And I count and count.  And after three counts and another last minute additions.. we went to the cashier…


The B-i-L have OCBC card so we get 5% off the price.. which in my case… around rm30…

As for the said books…


All except for the Elmo puppet which was left at my sister’s car, arrived safely home and to my nieces and nephew delight.. they get a MOUNTAIN of books that I can’t even have the necessary motivation to photograph each and every one of them because it really is a mountain of books.

We actually brought home… 64 books…. if 18 is mine and 2 is my sister….my nieces and nephew and my eldest sister bought 44 items today which didn’t include the whole multiple books in one package things especially with these kid’s book.

Okay.. I don’t want to count anymore…


Below is my oldest niece’s stuff, which I try to get stuff that have a bunch of stories in it, the middle one is Alif’s which include a book by Neil Gaiman and the rest of the singular stuff above was Afia’s. By bulk, Afia wins. By gems, Alif won with Neil Gaiman and one of Alif’s stash is in Ida’s car which is an Elmo’s puppet which I am assured that he would be in love with when he sees it.


My sister’s cookbooks exclude one book (A huge book on children’s cooking aka the book that can make Masterchef Junior out of these girls) which Ida borrowed. The cooking books area in Big Bad Wolf is HUGE but the stuff is actually repetitive. I tried to find the cook books that my sister wanted from the list she gave me but its near impossible since I kept seeing the same titles all over again.

My parents decided to check out BBW this Sunday. Maybe we’ll find the rest of the list this weekend. My mom wanted sewing books but the non-fiction section is huge and I have a toddler with me.

And MIECC hall is GIGANTIC!! The labels that the BBW provide didn’t actually help anything! Literary fiction, thriller and romance kept mashed up together. So, if you really need to find specific item…. good luck.


Sigh… I still brought home more fiction. Oh well…


I finished Ugly Duchess last month and frankly I didn’t like it much and I haven’t reviewed it. My sister however wanted more Eloisa James and this is the only book I found today. My other sisters spotted them.. and never pick it up… sigh..


One of my Book Club have this book and told me about the 3D cover and they included the 3D glasses and hmm… the thing does seem to pop up…


I bought Shiver from 2010’s BBW but I never seem to find myself connected to Linger. I left the book halfway through. Maybe because I read it in ebook. Some books does need to have printed pages to sing. I still love Stiefvater in Shiver and I hope Linger wouldn’t fail me again.


This is the Alanna series which I’ve been mulling to get since a couple of months ago but I only found the second, third and fourth of the series in BBW. I have the book on the tablet but it doesn’t feel the same.


Yes, I have read it. Whatever, folks, I love this book and I found a pile of Finnikin of the Rock in BBW. It made me happy.


I was curious about the series for months… some seemed to rave on the sequel.. and it does won Goodread’s Paranormal Fantasy… but since 50 Shades won on Romance genre (?!) well, I am curious and its RM8 and hardcover. I can still use it to fight ninja assassin by the weight of it.


I try not to be so skeptic over Robert Pattinson in the movie but I did like the ending of the movie. And its a NaNoWriMo novel…


I love the other book cover and the sequel book covers but never seem to be motivated enough to read it on my kindle… maybe this hardcover can change? (oh I love saying ‘hardcovers’)


I’ve been eyeing on it at Bookxcess. I love the story and the movie by the way. Again, its on my Kindle… :/ what, a person can have any other reading format that she could read…


I saw the book with the other cover.. I find the premise interesting but never seem to get into it via Kindle. I heard its good.


They’re making a movie about it and atleast its not another Twilight fanfiction. It just have mary sue. Doesn’t nearly all YA does?


Wanted to read it, but never seem to get into it in ebook.

I love the movie. When it does, the book is usually much better…


Again, I watch the movie first and I love EVERYONE in this movie. I’ve been trying to read it on ebook but the physical form does seem to add more substance.


I’ve read Patrick Ness’s Siobhan Dowd’s book, I know I said the plot does seem hanging (because of the obvious reason) but I like Ness’ style. BBW does have the subsequent sequels.


Another raved book in my Kindle that I haven’t read yet, I will.. I will..

and before I end this….

here’s the receipt.


Honestly, I never spend this much on books… *even I am sinister in this pic* and frankly, with the amount of what I’m paying and the value of these books, this is actually quite cheap. Its actually barely £100 or USD190. How many book can you get with those? 10? 15?

That is why its called the biggest baddest book sale on earth.

Was it worth waiting a year for it? Yes, it was.

Note: Since I bought stuff over RM200, I get to redeem rm10 cash voucher from bookxcess, rm2 off kiddyland (whatever it is) and redeem a year membership from bookxcess.

6 thoughts on “The Pre-Sale of Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012

  1. Lovecraft and Daughter of Smoke and Bone! I hope there will still be copies when I go there or else I’m going to be sooo frustrated!

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