NaNoWriMo 2012 Win + How to Survive Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012 *UPDATED* + Star Trek : The Exhibition


Been rather absent on my wordpress lately. Seriously, its hard to stay away to concentrate on nanowrimo. I kept tweeting or reading a book and felt frustrated that I couldn’t get into my reviewing routine. 1.7k isn’t a hard length to do. But sometimes I kept having days where I felt utterly uninspired writing fiction than writing reviews about the fiction.

ScreenHunter_40 Nov. 30 19.32

There are ways to survive NaNoWriMo. Mine is writing in two medium via Q10 and Scrivener and another via handwriting.

Funny that unlike last year, I was totally depressed upon crossing the 50k because I was anticipating the editing and my inner editor was already out… so…


I didn’t go to the Malaysian’s TGIO gathering since BBW is this Thursday and I can’t enter a shopping mall without buying a book so I’m saving up.

But I’m currently taking a week break from my noveling and now back on the planning stage : Settings, Dialogues, Climax, Denouement, Characterizations, Character development and more dialogues. While writing it, it does kept bugging me when I realize while I was working at the end of the scenes, I realized some stuff would contradict the earlier scenes and it brought a huge mess of rewriting. But the code of NaNoWriMo : Don’t edit, just keep on writing.

Now, that is what I’m going to work on.

Planning of second draft 🙂 studying the art of writing atleast..

ScreenHunter_42 Dec. 03 19.04

and reviews that are waiting to be written are these (minus Story of O of course). Sigh…

ScreenHunter_43 Dec. 03 20.03

Yes, I know. But it will take a while since I still feeling the burn off from November.

On the other hand I’m anticipating Big Bad Wolf 2012 this thursday (I got two passes).. which is going to be my fourth BBW.

For those of you, who think, what is the big deal about Big Bad Wolf sale?

Well, its a warehouse sale of the largest collection of English books at lowest price. Usually paperbacks in Malaysia are around RM35 to RM60 and hardbacks are around RM60 and RM100+. The lowest price bookstore around here are usually the second hand bookstore called Payless and the overprinted books supplier’s Bookxcess.

The special thing about this warehouse sale… are the price.

think of this, USD1 = RM3 If a hardback is RM8…. ahhh.. do your own math.

ScreenHunter_45 Dec. 04 01.19

This time round, I wanted to get books that I will finish. I know the RM8 hardbacks is delicious but I need to remind myself CONSTANTLY that I have kindle now and I DON’T need that many fiction.

Sigh…  I will fail, I suppose. Three years of BBW had brought the hoarder in me.

Since now that I am a 4th year BBW veteran, I’m seeing some people giving some basic tips but now I am giving you mine.

How to Survive Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012? (Updated on 12/9)


1. Wear comfortable shoes

I’ve seen people in heels a couple of time while I was in BBW and tell you what. 2011 and 2012 BBW is in a huge warehouse-sized hall. There are basically NO chairs in sight. You are standing on your feet most of the time so instead of whining to the staff about no seating area, do yourself a favor – invest in a portable seat.

And this also includes during the queues. I was in a queue on the official first day of 2010’s BBW and I was on my feet for around half an hour or so, and I felt my feet is killing me. Standing that long while browsing for books wasn’t as painful like standing behind a woman who kept poking me with her bag.

Thankfully, for Friday to Sunday they started these 63 hours so you’ll be spared on queuing except on the preview sale (12.30pm) and the official first day (6.30am).

And thats only on queuing to enter…. that doesn’t mean you WONT queue to pay.

ScreenHunter_45 Dec. 09 20.25

This is from the staff working at BBW and this is around 3am. Oh my gosh…..

Remember the wear comfy shoes thing? Yes

And like always, if you cut queues, don’t expect people to stand around and look dumb. Just a warning.

2. Bring water and some food

I never had a problem like this until last year. I was with my pregnant sister and we arrived at MAEPS around 3pm and left around 7 pm.

I was hungry and VERY thirsty.

There were people selling food item at the back end of the warehouse but the price was slightly hiked up. I bought a can of grass jelly drink at RM2 and the stall was closing for the night. I glare at them and the guys relented.

This year, if you are one of those newbies, you are so lucky because you’re connected to a mall.

Just bring a box of juice or milo with you especially, if you’re bringing a kid. Or just eat before you enter.

But this does not mean you can drink while browsing. Its a book sale after all.

And by the way, I found an empty bottle of 101 plus on top of a stack of architecture books, so I guess, its by an adult. So, as an adult, I implore you, don’t act like a moron okay. Take your trash with you. The books are not your own private trash bin.

If you are on the pre-sale day. On 2011, I don’t think they let people in after you went out. But on 2012, they took the passes and stamp your hands with BBW mark so you can re-enter.

If you bring kids, feed them well. FEED THEM WELL. Plus, I still don’t get why parents still bringing kids to BBW sale at midnight. Hello… I don’t know why I’m see examples of bad parenting at BBW sales from 2009 till 2012 either by neglecting their kids to opening the plastics coverings to tearing book covers to changing the labels etc. Be reasonable, BBW is two week sale, don’t be moronic and always plan ahead.

If you wanna eat or drink, just go to the area where they sale the other food items. I know Pizza Hut was there last year. It wont be there around pre-sale I think. This year, MIECC is connected to Mines, so even if there’s limited beverages, you can always go to the mall area.

3. Dear parents, leave your kids at home or with the care of someone you trust the whole time you’re in BBW

Last year, my eldest sister wanted me to buy books for her and the kids. Frankly I don’t know a thing about buying kid’s books and I bought three books and a couple of board books during fire sale.

This year I bought the near 40 books because I bought my niece along. I guess its a plus.

Since I was on Book Lovers Network on facebook, I know children books can be pricey and I know the need of parents going absolute insane in these kind of sale but please… please.. please….. all these doesn’t mean you’re allowed to neglect your kids.

I’m speaking this from my experience in many warehouse sales and I notice people always bring their small kids along with their nanny standing at the side looking as harassed as the kids.

But, have you ever had book related injury or inflicting injury with a book? (Kinda like Bourne Supremacy’s scene with the rolled up magazine or if you ever bump into a stack of books)

It was 2009 that I was absolutely terrified about these things. Maybe because the area in South City Plaza is small so…. there are kids running beside me and they hit my book bags. Since I read mostly fiction, hardcovers are really sharp corners and these kids are usually the height of my elbows. So when kids ran to my side and hit my backs, please imagine the agony I felt of inflicting pain onto someone. I hate inflicting pain especially to kids, FYI. I don’t want to poke some kid’s eye out.

So, if you can leave your kids at home, please, keep your kids in line. Always hold their hands and always watch them. If you have maids and a battalion of kids, keep them at home. Seriously.

I love kids but when I see a sea of books, I tend to forget about the kids running around me. All I could say was “Sorry” you know.

And since I had brought my own niece along with me, I know its possible to keep your kids safe. But please, be a parent even when you’re in a sea of cheap children books.

4. Bring your own bags and trolleys

For my first BBW, I never bring anything with me and it does get tiring when you’re holding a bunch of books. Second BBW, I bought a bunch of bags and I get shoulder pain. Third BBW, I brought my dad’s pasar tani trolley and some Giant and IKEA bags but I ended up giving the trolley to my then-pregnant sister. More shoulder pain because hardcovers became rm8 instead of rm10 the year before.

This time, I’m bringing the steel trolley, the plastic basket and more Ikea bags.

Frankly, I will always get the box when I’m out of space so depends on your stamina and your back really.

Problem with suitcase, you need to constantly zip it up or the flap would fly open as you drag it with you. If you think its a better option, suits you.

And I like the idea of bringing your own large trolley. Like this.

ScreenHunter_44 Dec. 03 23.30ScreenHunter_45 Dec. 03 23.30

I did saw people bring them before and I really was amazed by their dedication.

As for MIECC, since its connected with The Mines, you can choose to bring Giant trolley along with you. As long as you bring the trolley back to The Mines.

And get a ride with a car. Nothing suckier than having to drag heavy books in KTM. Have you entered KTM lately? Serdang station is very very packed. Last year, my UKM graduation and BBW was on the same month and the few times. While being back and forth from Bangi, I do see people having some difficulties with entering the packed train with their books.

My advice for KTM users, avoid the rush hours. I did took public transport all these year for BBW and it teaches me something. Besides, going home from BBW when its getting dark was much better especially during the last day of the fire sale.

And people been asking me how to go to MIECC via KTM Serdang. Apparently there’s a bridge connecting from KTM Serdang to The Mines including the water cab. But please be aware that KTM is always packed. Be early, purchase smart and you’ll survive the day.

5. If you saw a box with books at the side of the room, don’t EVER think you can pick anything from it

Made a mistake once on my first BBW but never again. No, its not  the BBW staff trying to hide precious books from you. Unless its under the table, its not your pick.

and “Sorry” will be constant on the tip of your tongue while browsing. Because you will bump with a lot of people. Kesopanan dan kesusilaan, people!

6. Bring a sweater

I was surprised with how cold I was last year at MAEPS. Bigger space means extra duty air conditioning. Be warned.

But while I was at MIECC, it probably didn’t matter. But I did wear double layer clothings…..

7. If you didn’t get that specific authors or books…. so what?

I get this a lot. I don’t want to be rude but three years of it, it does annoyed me a bit.

Even when I was at Amcorp Mall for the first BBW, I never had in my mind to target any specific books. Its random. Embrace the randomness of buying books at a warehouse.

I found new authors while browsing for books in BBW like Caitlin Kittredge, Keri Arthur,  Lene Kaaberbøl, Cinda Williams Chima and Ted Dekker. Honestly, its a good place to find good new author besides Goodreads.

So don’t limit yourself into finding specific authors. I always get complaints about how someone didn’t get some books. Its a warehouse sale for books that is overprinted and in abundance around the world. Of course you’re not getting what you want. But be open about it, try looking for some lesser known author. Even if after reading a couple pages, you dislike the author.

and If you really need that specific book as in now? Buy it from local bookstores. Order it from bookstores. I do buy books at full price you know or get it in ebook form. And just stop whining.

(This year, I didn’t really get what I want. I get it. I’ve been searching for Greek or Roman classics and A Song of Fire and Ice series, The Hunger Games and I didn’t even find any. Not from BBW nor from Bookxcess. But it was Greek/Roman books that I really looking after. Problem is with local bookstore stash of classics, they always focus on British English literature. Good Greek/Roman translations are hard to get online. I only found what I look for in Kinokuniya except most of them was above RM50 including the Fagles’ Homer which was around Rm100+. But I just have to be content with what I get.)

8. Read a couple of pages before you buy it.

I made a mistake last year. I just choose some books based on their cover.

ScreenHunter_44 Dec. 03 21.12

among these pre-sale stash (I have firesale stash too), I still haven’t finish reading 6 books. I tried reading some of the books I haven’t read but I end up failing to be interested in them. I probably will give them away though.

Most of the book are boring and it frustrates me even when some of them have good blurb. It really is easy to find YA dud this time around. So… read your stash before you buy them or if you know a bit from the story while you’re sorting out the books or while browsing. You’ll thank me later.

9. Respect the books. Its cheap yes. But R-E-S-P-E-C-T da’ books.

Put books back to the place you first get it. If you don’t remember where, just the same section will do.

After sorting, I ended up going around the area again, putting books at the places I found them. The staff might help in putting back the books but they wont always be there. And this is important, because of many things during the sale duration.

But one of the thing that annoyed me greatly was at the firesale more than actual BBW sale.

Paperbacks torn. Missing items from the books. Books torn. Books thrown on the ground.

I actually bought a children book with missing finger puppet and Richelle Mead’s Thorn Queen book with a huge stab mark on the cover. Each for RM5 so I don’t really mind it all but it does troubled me so since I see a lot of children book torn and with stuff STOLEN.

So, parents, be nice to the books. And kids, if I saw you do this, I will go crazy rage mad at you even if your parents or maid is standing there. Seriously. If you don’t respect even books, how will you respect people or your friends or pets or animals. You don’t even respect knowledge within it. Seriously, I will go book philosophical argument in a snap. Don’t make me mad.

10. Have fun. Be nice to everyone.

Don’t go all frowning at people or the books if you can’t find the latest Song of Fire and Ice or latest Sophie Kinsella.

I was giddy all the time in every BBW I was at. And physically I’ve been there like…. five times and it always made me feel like that.

Imagine this…

with this

ScreenHunter_45 Dec. 04 00.24

Sea of books.

Insta-Book-gasm. Like seriously, sea of cheap books. Who doesn’t?

That is why I tell you to enjoy yourself.

Smile at the cashier. Last year, we’re all smiling when we are paying for the books. Even the cashier responded and she was looking at our pile and sighed. She didn’t even get to buy her books, you know. But we reassured her that she will get her turn. Besides, its good to work for the sale.

And seriously, happiness is a good emotion to have after hoarding a pile of books.


Book haul post? Definitely

And you know what’s coming to in this December besides The Hobbit finally came up?


ScreenHunter_45 Dec. 04 00.33

you want to know where?

HERE!!!!! —>

ScreenHunter_45 Dec. 04 00.38

Adults: RM 20
Children (ages 3-17): RM 10
Students (18+): RM 10 (with valid and current student ID)
School groups (ages 3-17): RM 5 (in uniform and accompanied by teachers)

I have my FIM matric card and yes… A_A I intend to use it. Mwahahahahaha

I don’t have never ending love for Star Trek. But Star Trek IS my childhood. I don’t even realize I watched them all. The one with young Leonard Nimoy. The one with Picard (Patrick Stewart, my love). The one with Picard and young Tom Hardy. The one with Nimoy and Sylar.. Sigh.

Yes, I am a Star Trek fan too but to have Star Trek The Exhibition here…. ❤ rm20 je…  NEXT WEEK!

If my parents didn’t bring the whole family there, I will bring myself there!!!! Just watch me!


One thought on “NaNoWriMo 2012 Win + How to Survive Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012 *UPDATED* + Star Trek : The Exhibition

  1. On the subject of trolleys, I really would like to beg everyone to not bring a shopping complex trolley in.

    Unless you bought it. Or it belongs to Mines and you’re returning it at the carpark.

    Those things costs between rm300-rm600 and the last thing retailers want to worry is their trolleys being stolen for BBW season.

    Dear Sya, I would really appreciate it if you could take down the red shopping mall trolley photos before our fellow malaysians get any ideas. Thanks m(_ _)m

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