NaNoWriMo 2012 – Week 1

I’m being procrastinating I suppose. I just don’t think it is healthy to write nonstop on something anyway. I end up writing mediocre scenes without the magic. Since I just hit the week’s quota, I’m taking some time off from the writing. Of course, I’m still writing now… but its just not on my book.

It’s been a couple of days since I updated this blog, and for a reason that is. I tend to lose focus on a lot of things instead of my priority a.k.a. my writings. This year I’m more focused on my yearly reading challenge than to write anything anyway.

20 books left… I think I’m going clearing out my currently reads before the end of the year…

I think I made a post like this a year ago on my primary blog which are running on dust now that I kept updating this blog more frequently due to my near obsessiveness with reading… but now I’m the one who get being criticized by myself while writing. .

Apparently, there’s a wave of new Malaysian Wrimo due to this news article today : and although its 6 days late, its still possible to do the 50k in time.

We and I do welcome more local WriMo…. hell, I’ve been sucking lemons watching Singaporean’s forums and I do wish our region is more happening than them…. *jealousy*.

This is my second year doing NaNo, I do have problem last year due to burn off (I did win it last minute though) but I remained it that state until I started to be happy with writing again.

Mostly, maintaining this blog helped with my writing habit.. it does require me to be constantly attentive with the writing process itself. Sometimes I do see best readers make better writers…. and I strive to be better reader and writer than I am.. so its a process! Duh..

When Paradigm Mall finished its neverending construction in the middle of this year, I had the chance to ask the ML to propose doing Write-Ins in its Starbucks because the relatively low volume of people in it (it can be a ghost town at some days especially with the bad prest) and its quite accessible for me on foot to the proximity.Unfortunately, it kept raining since late last month, so regularly the weather went bad quite often .

Luckily, I was more relaxed than I was on last year. Now, I was used to typing away several thousands words a day now and it was less like a chore now.

Currently, I’m using the GoPalm journals to write by hand and Q10 which I end up writing new scenes from what I written earlier by hand… which end up being different in every way.

I did tried planning out the story on a smaller notebook but with my nephew who kept trying to sabotage me, I ended up not depending so much on the notebook but focusing more on the storylines and characterizations. I found out that my style did change between my NaNo thriller and NaNo fantasy.

From where I stand, it’s quite a simple story at this moment ; its about a female assassin who tried to sabotage her enemy’s mission by murdering the person who was the enemy’s target, a runaway slave who is hiding as a lone hunter in a village somewhere. Problem is, the person is not just an ordinary guy and that she had complicated the whole thing by involving herself in the process.

Okay, that’s the blurb I think.

Although both of my main female character Anya (Defaced) and Night (The Witch King) is an anti-hero (Anya is somewhat depressing empath while Night is a confused psychopath), this time I brought in a much dominant male main character which somehow inspired by Jamie Dornan’s Sheriff Graham and this….

shit man… I’m just in lust… like… there… perfect… Hook

Daniel Lee (Defaced) is a bit beta male and the issue with him and Anya is more than complicated… even I was afraid into venturing further (since when I wrote it, I focus on the plot more).. besides I will be rewriting Defaced again anyway but…

… this time… yep, I think I just love doing alpha characters.

I would love to talk about my storylines and the characters in my blog but I had to self-censor due to quite spoilery nature of it… unless you are Malaysian NaNoWriMo that is.

Second’s Write-In will be held at Starbucks Paradigm Mall every 11am till late afternoon of the November month. (Last year, I was at the 2011 write-ins every weekend too)

If you are seduced by the idea of a community of authors writing some 50k length for the sake of motivation together. Do come. I will be there every saturday until the TGIO party which is basically just dinner and another session talking about books and stuff.

Note: currently Starbucks is doing its Salted Caramel Coffee thing and its addicting… but I just can’t take coffee on empty stomach…. so.. 😦 I spend last year puking the coffee due to the stress… sad

and I just found out more and more of my faculty mates marrying one another…… -_- *no comment*


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