Randomness : Hello October….. -______- Tired

I haven’t been writing any reviews lately because I’m sooooo effing tired.  I’ve been reading a couple of books and updating about it frequently on Goodreads but…. the actual reviews….. sigh….

It was one those week that you want to curl up on the bed and sleep or read a book and then sleep…. but you cant.. because you got some assignments, 1-2 week projects, exams and sucky people bossing around you….

I’ve finished with one of my class. But I have two assignments for my patisserie class (which I did the exam last monday) and another exam next wednesday and the report…..

I just need to hang in there for freedom… probably get a job or two. People have been complaining about me and my supposedly employability that I have. Right.. who want a struggling writer-reviewer biomedical scientist who can bake breads, cake, cookies and chocolate truffles? Please, PM me.

Oh.. rant rant rant.

My Fantasy & Science Fiction Coursera course are finished. But I’m continuing with Greek and Roman Mythology and Modern and Contemporary American Poetry which I will catch up with both of them had I don’t have any 9am to 2am kitchen stuff to do. Insanity that is….

I actually read 3 short novella today… something along the vein of adult woman literature… which I won’t be reviewing since I dont publicize my secret readings…


I really hate commanding people when they should know how to do things by themselves by now… tired… tired… tired… someone should totally pay me for managing people.. instead of me spending own money and stuff… arghhhh



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